Luke Vallory bags an awesome-looking 35lb 8oz common!

Luke Vallory continued his fantastic run of winter carp with this stunning, old 35lb 8oz common!

He’d been having a great run of fish, including several over 30lb, but then the lake went murky and he moved onto an adjacent pit where he tempted a few to upper 20s, before conditions came good again on the other lake.

Luke explained: “I had been catching from a certain spot earlier in the winter, but then the wind swung round to a south-westerly and I moved to a different area and had a few from there.

“But when it went really cold again I returned to my original spot and it was obvious that the fish had been on it as it was a lot clearer than it had been back in December, and they’d really cleaned the weed off of it. This meant that I could now fish multi rigs instead of the hinged stiff rigs I’d been using previously, and was only popping my baits up about half-an-inch.

“I was mainly baiting with a mix of boilie crumb and 2mm and 3mm bloodworm pellets, plus some whole 12mm Manilla boilies and I soaked it all in Manilla glug, and was trying to keep the bait going in regularly to keep them feeding on the spot.

“I’d also recently changed over to the SUBbraid and it was the first time that I’d really used braided main line, so it was great to get a couple of fish on it. I’m now really confident using it and even at this time of the year there is quite a bit of weed in the lake, and the braid cuts through it easily when playing fish, and you also have more direct contact with the fish, which is perfect!

“I fished an overnight session and had a 22lb common, and then went back on the Sunday to fish another overnighter and found the lake empty, so I decided to fish the same spot but from the other side. It was very cold and I didn’t get any action, but I was happy just to be able to keep the bait going in and decided to go back that night.

“The next morning it was raining which meant that I didn’t have any work on so I could stay on longer than normal, and that was when I had the big common.

“I went onto that lake specifically to try and catch a big common and had to wade through quite a few Simmos, so to end it with that fish was perfect – with spring coming I’ll soon be moving off onto other venues,” he added.

Luke fished Manilla pop-ups on multi rigs constructed using size 4 Choddy hooks to N-Trap Semi-Stiff hook links, using a piece of shrink tube to give it a more aggressive angle, and he over-weighted his bait with a split shot.