Luke Stevenson lands the big common from Lower Maynard!

Luke Stevenson had never set eyes on Walthamstow Reservoir, yet within hours of casting out for the first time he had landed the big common from the Lower Maynard at 42lb 2oz!

Luke was primarily at the famous North London complex to take part in the annual Korda social but arrived the evening before, rather than having to leave home at the crack of dawn the next day.

This really paid off, as he explained: “It was my first ever visit to Walthamstow but it is somewhere that I’d been meaning to fish for a long time, and I will definitely be going back for another go, as the Lockwood in particular looks fantastic.

“I got down in the evening and was told that I could chuck my rods out if I wanted to, and as there were some fish on the surface I had a go on the floaters and caught one almost straight away.

“I sat and had a chat with some of the others who had arrived early, and then went off with all the gear on my barrow for a look round, and found some fish showing in the same area as where I had caught one off of the top.

“I’d seen fish showing 30 yards out and although the margins were weedy, the lakebed was clear out there at the bottom of the shelf even though I got a fairly soft drop when I cast out.

“I baited the area with a kilo of Manilla boilies using a catapult to spread them around, and it wasn’t long before I had my first take and landed a 29lb 8oz mirror.

“It was a couple of hours later when I had another bite, and when I got this one closer in I could see it in the torchlight and had a fair idea which fish it might be. I turned to my mate Joe and said that it was big and it was a common, but he had also seen it and was already paddling into the margins with the net, as they were shallow and weedy.

“I was really pleased to get this fish, which was one of four that I caught during the session, and it was a great social event as well.”

All of Luke’s fish off of the bottom fell to hinged stiff rigs, created using a size 4 Choddy hook to 25lb Mouth Trap and knotting that to 15lb N-Trap Soft, using two grinner knots back-to-back. This was fished on a Kable leader with a Heli-Safe, and to 15lb Carp Line main line.