Lucy - Neil Spooner

As you may have read on the news page recently, I took Tom Dove down to Lakelands for an overnighter and he went and bagged my target fish!! These things sometimes happen in carp fishing and I can honestly say I was over the moon for him.
Not to be deterred, there was a Southwesterly forecast to come in on Monday so I booked Tuesday off and planned a 2-nighter with the day in between. I arrived at the lake at about 6pm and after having a quick walk round I found a large group of fish exactly where I expected them to be. So I decided to fish lucky peg 7 and began the session by putting about 3kg of Mainline Cell out in mixed sizes (14mm, 18mm and 20mm’s)
This particular swim gives you access to a small island, which is renowned for holding a few fish and there was always a chance of a quick bite before dark. I flicked the rod onto the spot and began to tie some fresh rigs on for the night ahead. Just as the first KD rig was finished the island rod was away and after a brief tussle I landed a pretty 20lb 12oz mirror. I was over the moon with such a great start and after taking a couple of quick photos, the newly tied rig was back on the island spot. I barely had time to get another Kurv out of the packet when the rod was away again. This time I landed another pretty mirror of 20lb 6oz. I couldn’t believe it; I had been there for about an hour and had managed a brace of 20’s.
By now it was almost dark so I set about clipping all rods up onto their open water spots so that I could spend a bit of time tying the rigs up and still be on the money for the night ahead. All rods were fished KD style with Cell 20mm bottom baits and one of Elliott Gray’s awesome white pop-ups. At about 10.00pm, a few fish were showing over the baited area and I went to bed hoping that Single Scale would slip up again!
I was woken at 3.00am to an absolute screamer and was soon doing battle with another angry carp. This one gave a real good account of itself and I was a bit surprised when it went in the net and just wasn’t as big as the fight suggested. At 17lb she wasn’t the biggest I had ever caught but as you can see from the photos a really pretty carp. The rod was soon back in position and even though it was only 3.30am I decided to stay up and see if the carp would give me my own personal show on first light. It was around 5.30am when the area I was fishing became light enough to see and there were clearly a few carp in the area. Big patches of bubbles were coming up in 3 or 4 different areas and just as I was looking forward to another bite the middle rod gave me a very slow and steady take.
As soon as I picked it up I was flat rodded and the carp very quickly took 40 yards of line. I’ll be honest at this point I thought that it could be the 1 bite I dearly wanted. The fish was clearly very powerful but once I managed to turn its head it literally swam straight towards me and into the landing net! It was really bizarre but when looking at my prize it was one of the big girls that I hadn’t had. It was a fish called Lucy and at 30lb 2oz I was absolutely over the moon. After taking the photos and returning the fish I sat back in the bivvy with a massive smile on my face.
I finished off the session with another double and a 20lb 2oz mirror. All in all it was a fantastic trip and one that I will remember for a long time. The only thing left to say is watch out Single Scale, I’m coming and one day you will be mine……………

Neil Spoooner