Loz East shares a fantastic catch of big French carp

Lawrence ‘Loz’ East took a break from catching carp at home, to travel to the south of France with his mate Andy Duroe, resulting in both of them breaking their PBs!

They made the seven hour trip from Calais down to Priory Lakes, and it turned out to be well worth the long drive as they shared a 40 fish catch, with the best being a 60lb 2oz mirror for Lawrence.

Andy also managed a personal best common of 50lb 2oz, and they shared nine others over 40lb, plus thirteen over 30lb.

Lawrence revealed: “The lake is around nine acres in size and holds around 180 carp, with a good proportion of fish over 50lb. There are three swims on the lake which give you access to the far bank, which is a safe area along with two out-of-bounds bays.

“From our experience the fish like to spend a lot of time within the safe areas, as they do on most lakes, but with steady bait application you can draw the fish out to where you can fish for them and safely land them.

“The fish are very powerful, and throughout the week even though we were fishing locked-up at ranges of between 120 yards and 170 yards with bow-string tight lines and strong gear, it was still hard work to control anything that we hooked.

“Priory Lake is a great place to get away from it all as it is set in the heart of a picturesque valley, and not only does it hold huge carp, but it is also away from modern society. It is the perfect place to book with one or two mates, as you get the whole lake.

“We managed to catch 40 fish between us during the week, and despite resting and baiting the swims for long periods throughout the week, the fishing just got better and better the less time that we spent with rods in the water.

“I don’t want to give too much away about exact spots as we are booked to go back next year, but I will say that we both used 18mm Mainline Link and Activ-8 boilies, and my rig consisted of size 4 Kurv Shank hooks to 20lb Kamo coated braid.

“Andy managed a unit of a common and a new personal best at 50lb 2oz, which he caught twice during the week on the same bait! I also had a new personal best at 60lb 2oz. We are looking forward to our return visit, and it was great to spend a week with the owners, Andy and Deb Bernard, who we class as friends.”