Loz East lands a chunk from the Monument!

Loz East tries to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself whilst he is fishing, and on a recent session to RH Fisheries Monument One lake it resulted in this personal best 45lb mirror known as Richie!

The capture all came about as a result of arriving early and dropping onto a different lake to the one which he was booked to fish on all weekend, and just a few hours later he was attached to the big ‘un.

He revealed: “I arrived around 8am on the Friday and I was early I decided to have a catch up with Rob Hales in the office. I was booked to fish Monument Two, but a strong northerly wind was blowing into peg 2 on Monument One - a swim I’d fished for an article for my CarpWorld series back in April – and as it was free I decided to flick a couple of rods out whilst I waited.

“I already knew the spot that I wanted to fish, which was ten wraps towards peg 3, where the bottom came up slightly, as the fishery manager, Tom, had pointed it out to me before. I set up D rigs tied using a size 4 Kurv Shank hook to 20lb IQ2, with a red Kicker, and fished this with a Hybrid lead clip and Dark Matter tubing set-up. I know that the fish in these lakes love yellow baits, probably as a result of them seeing lots of maize and corn over the years, so I went for a 12mm Mainline IB wafter on one rod, and my favourite 12mm Salty Squid wafter on the other rod.

“Before casting out I attached a small PVA bag of Mainline Spod & PVA Pellet mix and was glad that I was only fishing 40 yards out as the wind was now gusting at up to 60mph. Both rods went out perfectly and I used a 0.5oz Intelligent backlead to pin everything down.

“The guy who was fishing my peg wasn’t packing up until 6pm and I was just filling up the kettle for another cuppa when one of my buzzers went into meltdown and I immediately felt solid resistance when I picked up the rod, and the fish made a few short lunges.

“Normally at this point I’d say that it was a decent fish, but I’ve had egg on my face so many times that I thought I’d just keep quiet! It was only when I turned it away and got it in front of me that I got my first glimpse of it, and a few minutes later I was guiding it towards the net whilst repeatedly saying ‘please don’t come off’. She safely went in the net and I knew that it was something special.

“I called Tom and he came down and confirmed that it was the biggest fish in the lake, known as Richie and weighed in at 45lb – spookily Rob Hales had told me that morning that I’d get one bite and it would be a big one, and he’d also mentioned that Richie would be back up to 45lb, having dropped to 35lb after spawning.”