Longshank Love - Dave Finn

One of the most, if not the most important part of carp fishing should be the end tackle used and in particular the choice of hook. For many years my number one choice of hook for pop-up fishing has been the Korda Longshank X, hook choice really is a personal choice but these babies give me 110% confidence.

The Longshank X in a variety of sizes meets my high requirements in terms of sharpness, strength and importantly pukka hook holds. I've taken numerous upper thirties up to nearly 44lb from the UK in both heavily weeded lakes and some horrendous looking snaggy areas. When I went onto the difficult Church Lake at Horton my choice of hook patterned never waivered and in nineteen nights I managed four bites on a water where a fair proportion of anglers struggle. By having confidence in my hook choice it allowed me to really focus heavily on location and presentation.

Last season saw me turn my attention to a very heavily weeded water containing some absolute mega commons, again using size 8 & 10 Longshank X I was fortunate to land fish up to 35lb - not one opened out on me! By the end of my season had a total of 19 bites landing 19!

This year has seen me taking it a stage further landing a pukka 37lb 8oz common on a size 12!! The Longshank X is a hook pattern that I have great faith in and one I'll continue to use - to the boys at Korda big up yourselves!

Dave "Gummybear" Finn