Long range hit of fish for Jimmy Hibbard!

Jimmy Hibbard had a brilliant week, raising a load of money for charity and then catching some nice carp from a new water!

Jimmy was part of the Cast Away Cancer event at Packington Fishery, which raised £21,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support, and then after spending a few days at home with the family he managed to grab a session on a reservoir in East Lincolnshire which he only recently joined and is his target water for the coming year.

He revealed: “It was only the second time that I’d fished the venue and on arrival I had a good walk around the lake hoping to maybe see one poke its head out to give me a starting point.

“On my walk round I bumped into one of the other members who was just about to pack up, and after a chat he mentioned that he had been seeing fish showing from dawn at long range at the side of an island, and he’d moved in there for a few hours before he had to leave.

“Whilst I stood chatting with him, one poked its head out tight to the island, giving up their whereabouts, and it was a no-brainer to move in when the lad packed up soon after.

“It took me a while to get myself sorted as I had to re-spool all my reels as I was switching over to tapered SUBline main line in 40-12lb, as for the last few years I’d been fishing more intimate waters and getting away with Kontour fluorocarbon, but that restricted my casting distance, as I’d found on my last session.

“With most fish showing at long range the tapered main line was the ideal option and with the reels now loaded with it I was able to cast a lot further and could now reach most of the showing.

“Eventually I got the rods out, blasting them to the horizon where the fish were showing around the 140 yard mark, and I kept the rig as simple and streamlined as possible. Naked helicopter rigs incorporating a Heli-Safe direct to the main line, and quick-change swivels made it easy to attach my hinged stiff rigs. The boom section was made from 20lb IQ and with 25lb Mouth Trap to a size 4 Krank Choddy hook. I was using a mixture of hookbaits on all three rods, with white Pacific Tuna and Pacific Tuna corkball pop-ups soaked in liquid Tuna Extract, and all were fished as single hookbaits.

“I had my first take within the hour and that resulted in a stunning common of 24lb 8 oz, with a 21lb common following soon afterwards. After sorting the photos out I got the rods back out and within seconds one of them was away again and this time it felt like a better fish.

“It was stripping line off of me at distance and eventually I managed to turn it and after a long battle landed a one of the lakes old original mirror. It weighed 30lb 4oz and I was totally blown away by it.

“The action didn’t stop there and I had another couple of upper-doubles in the afternoon before it slowed down towards the evening and I decided to put in a bit of bait.

“The night passed without any more action, but packing away in the rain the next morning wasn’t that bad after what I’d had!”