Living The Dream - Seb Clarke

To Korda

In May, I took part in your Korda Carp Acadamy 2009 and I have to say
that it was probably the best experinace of my life!! :) I had loads of
fun (the last night when Damian and Ali took the mick out of James and
his mum was so funny) I learnt loads. Thanks.
I was paired up with Damian Clarke and my nick name for the three days
was 'Carrot Cruncher' because I am from Norfolk haha.
I recently did a pairs match and I taught my friend who I was paired
with most of the stuff I got taught. I employed the tactics which I
learnt at the Academy. I spodded the spod mix that I learnt and I used
the KD rig with one of the 10mm dumbell pop-ups which Mainline supplied.
The other rod was a bottom bait - a 15mm Cell boilie which had been
chopped down and topped off with a piece of pop-up plastic corn. In the end, we came in 3rd place - 1st, 2nd and 4th were all at the other
end of the lake so I thought we did alright. I am now through to the semi-final.
I now have some better rods and reels than I had at the time of the
Academy. Two Daiwa Mission X rods and two Emcast Evos- sweet!!!

Thanks a lot for teaching me so much.

Seb Clarke.