Limited number of South Ings Lane tickets available now!

If you’re looking for a well run syndicate water in Yorkshire that has great potential for the future, then you should definitely check out South Ings Lane!

Since the three lake complex, at North Cave, near Hull, was taken over by Embryo Angling a lot of work has been carried out, plus it has been stocked.

Pits one and two have now been joined together to form a larger lake of around ten acres in size, with some new swims being created in the process, and it holds a stock of around 150 fish. The majority of those came from VS Fisheries and are the highly sought after Harrow strain or the heavily scaled mirrors which also went in, and they were stocked between 8lb and 17lb, plus there are 20 or so fish from the Lea Valley which are mostly commons and tend to be the bigger fish in the venue.

In addition to this new, expanded water there is also Pit 3, which is around 3.5 acres in size and is stocked with more than 50 fish – a mixture of the VS Fisheries and Lea Valley ones – with six swims to fish from.

This was the first water that Embryo took on, and was also one of the first where otter fencing was erected. Since taking it over they have carried out a lot of work on the site building swims, roads and carp parks, along with other improvements – a lot of the work was done with help from the members.

The fishery is run such that you either buy a weekday or a weekend ticket, to ensure that it doesn’t get too busy and the angling pressure is spread over the week. Some tickets are now available due to the extra swims that are now fishable – both for week days and weekends – but judging by how quickly they were taken last year you will need to be quick!

For an application form, or for more details, contact: tim@embryoangling.org