Like Buses - Jim Wilson

"After a cracking result in the shape of an upper thirty a few weeks ago, I had been concentrating on my Cambridgeshire syndicate pursuing the jewel in its crown, the Black Common. As I’ve mentioned before, this is one that I’d dearly love to catch, but she hasn’t been out since June 2011 and I’ve fished hard for her for 18 months or so now.

My first trip after the 38 pounder resulted in a five-fish catch, all falling to similar tactics – zig-rigs fished at varying depths. The best of that trip resulted in a belting common just shy of 25lb.

I returned this week at 4:30am for another 48-hour trip. I always try to arrive early to pinpoint the carp’s whereabouts, but on this occasion it took a good couple of hours before they gave the game away. I eventually found them at around 7am when they started to show in one of my favourite areas of the lake. I also saw a couple of big, dark shapes drifting in and out of a set of snags in the same vicinity.
There was plenty of fizzing appearing in some of the shallower marginal areas, which are still 18ft or so deep, so I opted to fish all three rods on the bottom; two rods fired out on my trusty hinge rigs with mini, Milky Toffee pop-ups and the third on a slip-D rig I’ve been messing about with. An orange, fruity hook bait completed this.

By early afternoon, I was questioning whether I needed to swap to the zigs when the right-hand rod pulled up tight and the tip smacked round. After a typical, early season deep-water battle I landed a stunning common of 31lb 12oz.
I quickly sorted the rod and got it back on the spot but this time I decided to add some bait to the equation and put about 3 – 4kg of Hybrid over the three spots. Within an hour, the right-hand rod was away again, this time resulting in a stunning 27lb Common.

The remainder of the session continued in the same vain really, with 12 or so hours between bursts of activity. I ended up with a 7 fish catch, including a second 30lb Common of the trip!

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