Lightning Strikes Twice - Damian Clarke

I’m sure that, like us, you’re champing at the bit to get the inside story on Damian Clarke’s epic Rainbow adventure. It was left to us to give the boss a call to see how he was getting on… The answer, “Pretty bloody well!”

After booking a two-week trip to Rainbow in search of the mighty carp that live there, the ever-meticulous Mr Clarke had left no stone unturned in his quest to target Eric’s Common, the biggest carp in the lake. To my amazement he told me that he’d managed 30 bites up to the time of our conversation, two of which came from the mighty Eric’s! Due to some remarkable twist of fate Damo had managed to hook and land the giant common twice in three days.

Fishing the left-hand side of peg five, Damo had his baited rigs positioned either side of a 40-yard wide channel. After predicting his best chance of a big fish was the right-hand side of the channel, it came as quite a surprise when the left-hand spot produced the first capture of Eric’s, at an eye-watering 85lb 8oz. The action had been quite grueling, with most of the 30 bites coming between the hours of 1am and 2am, and he had to wait a couple of days for his big-fish spot to produce the biggest fish of the lake.

He positioned his baits in 12ft of water after thoroughly mapping the area to ensure that the it was suitable to present a bait. When it came, the ferocious bite indicated another epic boat battle was to ensue. After the scaley outboard motor had towed him around the channel for several minutes, the realisation that he was attached to another huge fish dawned. After seeing huge scales and another massive framed common surface, Damo thought that it might be a fish called Lockey’s Common. A tense few moments under the boat followed, and then once over the net cord a quick glance at the tail confirmed that lighting does indeed (on rare occasions) strike twice and that it was Eric’s again.

The conversation ended a little abruptly as a few bleeps in the background sent panic into Damo’s voice and I was left in awe of such an overwhelming venue. We’ll of course get all the photos and info on his return and be sure to keep you all up to date!

Until then,

Team Korda