Life In The Edge - Scott Lloyd

At this time of year, stalking really does come into its own. It’s an approach I have hardly used on Stoneacres up to now, but with the set weather set to be sunny, with light winds and high pressure, I couldn’t waste the opportunity to chuck some light stalking tackle together on the barrow and started to lap the lake.

Whilst on my travels around the vast Oxfordshire pit, I baited a few likely looking areas. After walking just over half of the 50-acre lake and climbing every tree on the route, I eventually found some carp tucked away in a small bay, which is an area that is often overlooked.

Like a heron, I quietly approached the water’s edge and flicked two chopped boilies just to the side of them, to try and push them out a little bit, just so I could place a rig on a small spot they had been feeding on.

The rig had to be placed from up the tree, due to the thick vegetation in the margin, which is a skill on its own I can assure you. I then scattered a couple more chopped Krill boilies around the spot and stayed up the tree in anticipation. Within a couple of minutes the fish approached the spot and began to pick off the freebies! The water clouded up and a large eruption unfolded under the surface as a large common tore away with the rig in tow!! I clambered down the tree and was in contact with what looked like a good common and waded down the margin where my net was near the swim and the rest was clockwork! On the scales it went 33lb 12oz, a few trophy shots were taken and I slipped the bar of gold back to fight another day.

I continued with the stalking and eventually found a group of fish in a corner on the end of a warm South Easterly wind. I did struggle with the carp after this, which was mostly down to the fact they were feeding with a large group of big tench! I landed five of them between 8lb-11lb which was great fun, but wasn’t what I was targeting on this particular session.

After a few nights chasing the carp and landing huge tench, I finally was attached to something other than a tench. Unfortunately I lost a hard fighting carp on my last morning, due to a hook pull in the weed. I didn’t stick around much longer and was set for home. The tackle was all in the car until I noticed a couple of fish showing on a new North Easterly wind near the car park. I whipped a couple of rods and my net out. I stripped the end tackle off and opted to fish a couple of naked choddys cast at the showing fish.

About 15 minutes later I was due to leave, but then the left-hand rod soon put a stop to that, I was in contact with a hard fighting fish, which weeded me up solid so a boat battle commenced. The fish towed me around for a while, but it was over sharpish with the boat being a massive advantage for landing fish from weedy venues. A lovely scaly mirror graced the net and on the scales went 26lb 6oz, it certainly made up for the earlier loss and I went home with a cheesy grin on my face, after landing a fish in the first and last 10minutes of the session from the margins, on a water that is well known for its long-range fishing.

Get in the edge,
Scott Lloyd.