Liam Morgan gets on the BYCAC podium for the third time!

The British Young Carpers’ Angling Championship was a huge success, and Korda’s Liam Morgan managed to secure runner-up spot for the second year in a row, and made his third appearance on the podium!

It was his last year where he is young enough to qualify to enter the competition, but he will look back on the event with fond memories – especially having banked the big mirror at 42lb 14oz - and here he gives an insight into how he goes about fishing one of these matches.

Liam explained: “Initially I walked the lake a few times and placed the swims into my favoured order before the draw, and I then came out thirteenth out of 30 people, but still managed to get my third choice, Peg 18. I was happy with this peg as I know the fish like to hang around the area in large numbers, so I thought I was in with a good chance.

“I had everything set up for 11am when I was able to start markering and spodding, and found a nice gravel spot 18 wraps out in 14ft of water. I started off fishing two zigs and spodding a sloppy mix over the top, with Frenzied hemp, corn, maggots and most importantly the cloud mix.

“The day passed without any action, and having fished the lake before many times I know how much the fish love maggots, so before dark I put out five gallons of maggot and ten Spombs of hemp, corn and 10mm Monster Tiger Nut boilies.

“Over the top of that I fished a rig tied from 20lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff to a size 4 Krank hook with a rig ring on the side blow-back style, and on that I used 12mm pink or yellow plastic dumbbells (one of each) with a size 14 hook in the top of it, onto which I hook four maggots and then pull the hook back into the dumbbell.

“I got a few hours sleep and was woken up by my alarm at 3.30am, and with no action I lay there thinking about what to try next, when my left-hand rod went into meltdown, and after a short battle it was in the net. Just five minutes later I had another, followed by a third half-an-hour after that, and with three fish in the bag I thought I was onto a winner, but then it all went quiet again!

“As it got hotter I changed back to zigs, and whilst I was spodding over the top I had a drop-back on a 9ft red zig, and after a long battle I could see what easily looked to be a 30lb-plus mirror. Then right at the net the hook pulled and I was absolutely gutted! I carried on with the zigs throughout the rest of the day but only had one more take, and although that was only 10lb I knew every pound would count.

“That night I used the same tactics again, spodding out another five gallons of maggot, but to my disappointment nothing happened and the lake had gone really quiet. At 5am I changed one rod over to a zig, but all still remained quiet despite trying all different depths.

“At around 11am I heard a fish show, the first one all day, and it was just to my right down the margin, so I quickly changed to a solid bag on one rod and flicked that to the spot.

“Within five minutes the rod went into meltdown and I soon landed a fish that looked to be around 20lb. Prior to that I’d been around 23lb behind third place, so I knew that I needed another one to be in with a chance of getting on the podium.

“Whilst that fish was in the net waiting for the marshal to come and weigh it, I put a bag on my spare rod and put it straight back on the spot, and within five minutes it was gone again and I landed one that looked very similar size to the other fish.

“I knew that these two fish had put me on the podium but I still didn’t know in which spot, and when they both weighed in at 21lb and put me on 110lb and in second I was buzzing! I was mega happy to have finished second in my last BYCAC final and was so proud of what I have achieved overall during my time in the competition,’ Liam enthused.

His solid PVA bag rig consisted of a foot of Kable leadcore with a 4oz square pear lead and three inches of 18lb Super Natural braid to a size 4 Wide Gape, fished knotless knot style with just a small piece of silicon on the shank. He fished this with a 12mm pink Squid and Octopus pop-up and a mix of 2mm Betaine Green and Natural Swim Stim pellets, and some 4mm halibut pellets.