Liam Morgan banks an amazing 20 fish winter haul!

Liam Morgan had a fantastic haul of winter carp at Hayward Pool, in Wiltshire, when he landed a 20 fish haul topped by this 36lb 4oz mirror.

Liam had booked the 2.5 acre venue for two days to celebrate his dad’s birthday, but he stole the limelight when he landed the big mirror known as the Little Lin, along with several others over 20lb.

He revealed: “I arrived just as it started to get light and we drew for swims, and when I came out with peg 3 I was pleased as the previous day the bloke in there had two carp and lost two.

“I got the rods out around 9am, and I decided to fish all three on hinged stiff rigs cast a rod length off of the far bank where there were lots of leaves and twigs on the bottom.

“The first day went by and I hadn’t caught or seen anything, and still nothing when I awoke the next morning. The swim next to me was empty and gave me access to an island and a back channel.

“I decided to put one rod in there for a couple of hours, and within 15 minutes of putting the rod out it went into meltdown and after a hard fight I managed to slip the net under a nice 20lb 2oz linear.

“I knew now that the fish were holding up around the island, and decided to put all my rods on Monster Tigernut pop-ups over ten matching freebies, as that is what had produced, and by the evening I’d landed nine fish and was a bit unlucky that only one was a twenty.

“I had a double take as it got dark, followed by a sleepless night with a further five fish, all doubles but I knew I couldn’t be far away from the bigger ones.

“I was awoken on the last morning by a screamer, and after a long, hard battle landed a fish called Baby Flash at 23lb 12oz. I was just taking the photos when I had another take and this one was a mid twenty.

“As I was just sorting that one out, the bobbin on my middle rod pulled up and dropped back, and I knew it was a powerful fish as soon as I hooked it, and after five minutes I was relieved to get the net under it.

“Looking in the net I couldn’t believe it as it was the biggest fish in the lake, The Little Lin!”

Liam ended the session with another mirror of 21lb, hooking them all on hinged stiff rigs.

He constructed his rigs using size 4 Krank Choddy hooks with 20 lb Mouth Trap for the pop-up section, and the 8 inch boom was tied from 20lb N-Trap Soft, in weedy green.