Levy's Hauling - Dave Levy

Okay, let me just get you up to speed on my year, having recently joined Korda as a sponsored consultant. I started fishing a lake in the spring local to me in Essex. It’s a water I’d fished a lot the previous year but I still had some unfinished business. It’s a wonderful, old water around 22 acres in size; with islands, weed and lots of shallow areas. Anyway, I spent a good part of the spring here landing plenty of carp up to a respectable 38lb.
I then flirted with the Golden Gates syndicate throughout the summer but to be honest couldn’t angle as much as I wished to, due to busy work schedules etc. Nevertheless, I got out as much as I could and still managed to cram in eight nights. These were all successful too, resulting in 17 fish up to 28lb 14oz.
Anyway, lets get a little more up to speed with my fishing of late. I arrived at the shallow pit and set up in a swim that gave me a great view of the lake. I got the rods out immediately and set the bivvy up just in time to beat the rain. As I sat there in the bivvy door scrutinising the water I noticed a fish show over the other side some 250 yards away.
I thought that it was only a small one, trying to convince myself it wasn’t worth all the effort moving in the pouring rain, until a biggun sorted out my laziness. It boshed out in the same sort of area again, convincing me to up sticks in the wet and get on the fish.
To avoid getting saturated, I moved as quickly as I could, loaded up the barrow and made my way towards the swim. I cast out two rods to the designated spots, felt the leads down and was soon erecting the bivvy. Before I could fully push in my first peg, the clutch started to tick and then started fizzing. I ran to the rod and was immediately met with heavy resistance.
As you do with bigguns, I slowly led the heavy weight towards my net and she was mine – all 37lb 15oz of her! The rod was soon back out for the night and I caught another one this time weighing 27lb. I kept the bait trickling in, along with my mate Aaron, and we received a further eight takes between us topped by the biggest common in the lake weighing 44lb.
The carp I have been catching have all fallen to simple rigs, including 3ft of tubing attached to a lead clip and 3oz lead. The rigs themselves have been simple knotless knots tied onto size 6 Kurv hooks. As for the bait, they have been balanced 20mm Mainline Grange boilies. Last week, doing exactly the same thing, I landed a further two carp including a 22 pounder and a wonderful 27lb 14oz mirror with scales like sovereigns. I will continue to fish this lake for a while but it doesn’t have the best winter track record so I may look elsewhere depending on my results. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated.

Until next time, tight lines

Dave Levy