Levy Strikes Gold! - Dave Levy

Sometimes you just know that you've got to be at the lakeside. This is how I felt as I drove to the lake last Friday. After an hour of walking round and the usual dilemma of which swim to pick and why, I found a few fish sitting near some margin reed and then several carp hanging about over some weed 60 yards out in the lake. In the end I opted to fish the weedy area as there were more carp about. A quick cast and pull back gave me some idea of the thickness of the weed; it was about a foot deep and fairly thick.
With this in mind I decided to fish a chod rig, this was made with three Sinkers with the with two 4mm rubber beads pushed onto the Sinkers, a size 8 ring swivel with 15lb Mouth Trap. The hook was a size 6 Choddy. The lead was tied on to a ring with 3lb mono. This rig is known as the naked chod. I slid the chod hook link three feet up the 20lb SUBline and had the Mainline Cell pop up sinking very slow. I put a soluble foam nugget around the hook to keep it clear of weed, then cast to the area where I'd seen the fish, feeling the lead drop down and hit the weed softly. I put about 70 Cell baits around the area, hoping that the carp would start searching the weed for food. About an hour later I saw three carp swim over the area where I'd cast. As the sun set I started to wonder if I'd picked the right swim.
I sat drinking tea and every now and then a carp would roll somewhere out in the darkness. It was after midnight when I lay back on my bed. I drifted in and out of sleep until I was woken by a short few bleeps on my middle alarm. The latching LED was on and the Stow had dropped off. I looked at my phone - it was 4am. I walked down to the rod and found that the line was tight. Quickly, I put on the waders and picked up the rod. As I reeled down the rod took up its full curve and I started to move the carp towards me. It was as if this was the first time that this fish knew it was hooked because, all of a sudden it turned and took a lot of line. There was an island to my left and the carp was heading for it, I had the rod bent into the butt to try to stop it. It rolled on the surface twice, only feet from a snaggy bush. I now had him under the rod tip and the strength of this carp was almost a joke! I could see by now that it was one of the big commons so my legs had turned to jelly, but the size 6 Choddy was well in and I slipped the net under the carp. I secured the net and looked at my phone 4:26am! Twenty-six minutes playing a carp is a long time. It was the big common known as the Bulldozer and it weighed 43lb 1oz. I was over the moon. I had picked the right swim after all!