Levy Meets Hendrix

Big carp man and all round nice guy, Dave Levy has been amongst them again and this time he’s banked one of his primary target fish. The carp in question is known as Hendrix, a now somewhat famous resident of Cleveley Mere. Dave has spent three years fishing the venue on and off in search of the chestnut brown beast and last Friday the carp finally succumbed to his efforts.

Hendrix was landed as a part of an eight fish haul, which also included two thirty-pound mirrors and a bundle of twenties. On the scales the mighty fish dragged the needle round to a hefty and satisfying weight of 42lb 6oz, adding to Dave’s already impressive list of big fish.

Dave’s fish were all caught whilst fishing tight to an overhanging bush sticking off a small island, an area he had baited twice previously during the week leading up to his session. The bait applied was a mixture of Activ-8 boilies and a small helping of tiger nuts, which this no doubt played a part in Dave’s success.

Dave had just returned a cracking 30lb linear called Mo Fo and recast the island rod when Hendrix made off with the bait. The fish came straight into Dave’s margins, before darting off on a 40-yard run. Once Dave had turned his adversary he was able to lead it into the net

The rig used to outwit the carp was a firm favourite of Dave’s, an IQ/Supernatural combi-rig, which also incorporated a size 8 Kaptor Wide Gape. This particular hooking arrangement has accounted for many of Dave’s biggest carp and once again it has done him proud, ensuring that his hard-earned prize was landed safely.

Who knows where Dave will target next but whatever he decides to do, we’re sure he’ll do it right. Watch this space.