Lee Hodgkinson sets a lake record with a superb big common!

Lee Hodgkinson had a great result at a lake in the Cotswold Water Park when he topped a seven fish catch with a new lake record – a magnificent 39lb common!

His trip to Cherry Lakes got off to a great start with several fish to over 20lb, including one of his main targets, the Plated Mirror at 28lb 6oz, before he rounded off the session with the big ‘un, which came when he had three takes within minutes, which caused chaos!

Lee explained: “I knew that I wanted the middle lodge so that I could intercept the fish from both directions, and that they would be basking along the far margin, which was 130-140 yards away.

“There was a shelf that came out a rod length or so from the far bank and was only 2ft deep, which then dropped off into 6-7ft of water, so it seemed the perfect spot to target and I would fish two rods on the shelf.

“I baited it with a mixture of chilli hemp plus chopped and crushed CND Baits King Crab boilies. I’d also seen fish cruising past in the near margin, so that is where my remaining rod would go and I just under-armed out a small PVA bag of pellets soaked in King Crab Goo.

“Just as I settled down, now that I had all my rods out, the left-hand one close in burst into life and I landed a stunning ghostie of 24lb 8oz, and was really happy to get a fish so soon. I was sat watching the sun set when one of the rods on the far bank went off and this fish felt like a good one as well and gave a good account of itself. Once in the net I knew this was one of my target fish, the Plated Mirror at 28lb 6oz.

“I was really happy with my results so far but then the next day they had a go at spawning and were thrashing around, so I just brought my rods in for the night and left them to it, until the next morning when all went quiet and I got the baits back out around 5.30am.

“They had obviously finished spawning and were interested in feeding again, as just two hours later I landed a lovely fish of 16lb 9oz from my margin. Then just as I was putting it back both of the rods on the far margin went off at the same time!

“I struck into one of them and bless the missus, she picked up the other one despite not having a clue what she was doing! I quickly landed the first one and then took the other rod which she had been hanging onto, and this fish was putting up a very good fight, hugging the shelf 20ft out and it felt heavy.

“Once in the net I knew it was big, so I called the owner and the bailiff, and they came down and confirmed that it was a new lake record. After that the fishing went slow but I was more than happy and it was certainly a trip to remember.”

Successful tactics for Lee included hinged stiff rigs tied using size 6 Wide Gape hooks to N-Trap Semi-Stiff and Mouth Trap, along with Safe Zone leaders and a Heli-Safe to ensure that the lead was dropped, as the lake was weedy.