Lawrence's luck changes with yet another thirty!

It seems that hardly a week goes by without Lawrence East reporting a big carp to us, and that trend is continuing even as we approach winter and the weather has become decidedly colder!

But he has actually just gone through a spell of three blanks on the bounce, although he did manage to lose five fish as well during that time, so it isn’t as though he hasn’t still been at least getting some action.

Things took a turn for the better when he managed to find some fish upon his arrival for a 36 hour sessions and ended up banking a chunky 32lb mirror – although he did manage to lose two fish prior to that as a result of some bad luck.

Lawrence revealed: “I arrived mid-afternoon and found a group of fish on the end of an easterly wind, and decided that would be a good place to start.

“I cast two rods to a bar that runs down the centre of the lake, in about 15 foot of water, and baited with ten Spombs of chopped boilies, pellets, corn and chickpeas. My third rod was positioned on a hump about 70 yards out and in ten foot of water, and I kept this as a single hookbait as I wasn’t expecting a lot of action and this spot was always good for a bite or two.

“The rods over the bait were fished on multi rigs constructed using size 6 Kurv hooks and 20lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff, whilst the single hookbait was the ever faithful IQ D-rig, tied on 20lb IQ to a size 6 Kurv.

“There was lots of fish activity during the day but I had to wait until 8pm for a take, and it felt like a good fish. But after five minutes the hook pulled and when I wound in I found that it had picked up my other rig as well, which was tangled around my lead clip.

“I woke up the following morning to a couple of bleeps but it turned out to be a group of around 30 tufties diving on my spot, and the next six hours were spent Spombing and watching them dive, until eventually I hooked one and it spooked the rest of them. It reminded me of last winter, and I decided that it was now time to remove the corn from my spod mix and also to darken up the chickpeas.

“The rest of the day was uneventful but I did see a couple of good fish show over the hump, and just before dark I repositioned my hookbait and put one Spomb of bait over it.

“At 10.30pm the rod on the hump was away and when I connected the fish took 60 yards of line and ended up at the top of the lake before it cut me off on a mussel bed, but I’m convinced that this particular fish was a cat rather than a carp as I was fishing with pretty tight clutches.

“Just on first light the rod on the hump burst into life again and after a short initial run I was in control, and ten minutes later it was safely in the net and weighed in at 32lb. I got the rod back out but the tufties were straight on me, so I decided not to be greedy and to head home.”