Lawrence East makes the most of tough conditions!

Lawrence East’s fantastic run of fish came to an end when he blanked at a syndicate lake, but it wasn’t long before he was back catching again.

Having arrived to find out that the venue had been producing very few fish, he spent 48 hours at the water, moving several times, but all his efforts only resulted in one hooked fish, which he then lost in a weedbed!

But it wasn’t long before he was back catching again, with his next session producing five fish, including four 20s, which was a great result as they still weren’t really on the feed, with only one other carp caught whilst he was there.

Lawrence, who recently banked a brace of 35lb-plus commons from another water, revealed: “The weather is having a massive impact on the fishing at the moment and both my club and syndicate lakes are doing very few fish. I believe this is down to the high pressure we are currently experiencing, along with the sudden drop in temperatures.

“I wasn’t expecting things to pick up for a few weeks but still decided to drop onto my winter water for a 36 hour session in the hope of a bite or two, and with the temperature change I thought the fish might have moved out into the centre of the lake in the deeper water. There was a cold northerly wind blowing, but to my amazement there were fish showing 50 yards off the bank, despite it feeling bitterly cold, and I decided it would be foolish to ignore them.

“On this session I wanted to try something a bit different when it came to rigs, ready for the winter campaign, and although I’ve always been a big fan of the multi rig for pop-ups, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about the ‘spinner’ rig. So I set up three rigs with size 6 Kurv Shanks mounted on size 11 ring swivels, and with a micro swivel on the hook with a Hook Bead to hold it in position opposite the barb. My boom section was made using 20lb IQ, which has great anti-tangle properties as well as being virtually invisible in the clear water.

“I finished the rig off with a large sinker halfway along it plus a tungsten anti-tangle sleeve, and my hookbait was a 12mm RG Baits 365 pop-up.

“I ended up putting two rigs out at 80 yards where the fish had now started to show on a regular basis, and this is in the middle of the lake where there is a bar with 15ft of water on top of it, with 20ft in the gulley around it, I put ten Spombs of bait over the top, with a mixture of corn, chickpeas, pellets and chopped boilies, and every hour I planned to put out a couple more to keep a flow of bait falling through the water.

“My third rod would be used as a rover and cast to wherever I saw showing fish, with just a small PVA bag of RG Formula pellets. I cast it into the rings of one that had just showed and within an hour it was away with a nice clean mirror of 24lb, and I was now optimistic that they were at least willing to feed.

“Despite my best efforts the swim went quiet for the next 24 hours, and it wasn’t until the following afternoon when I received a take from my baited area, resulting in a nice 23lb mirror.

“I’d just placed the fish in a retention sling and was tying on a fresh bait when my other rod on the baited area was away and this time it was a mirror of 25lb.

“I got the rods sorted out early for the evening in the hope of a bite, and sure enough around 7pm I landed a scraper 20. The night was very quiet but the next morning I finished off with a 16-pounder on the single hookbait. There had only been six bites on the whole complex, and luckily five of them had come to my rods!”