Lawrence East is on an unstoppable run of good form!

Lawrence East has been enjoying a fantastic run of fish recently, and his latest trip to a syndicate water produced another five carp, topped by a lovely common of 30lb 15oz.

His timing was perfect with a big south-westerly wind and band of low pressure moving in, and it certainly brought the fish on the feed as he landed four others over 20lb to 26lb 8 oz, as well as the big ‘un.

He revealed: “After a successful social session down in Oxfordshire it was time to get back on my syndicate water and I arrived after work late afternoon for a 36 hour trip, and conditions couldn’t have been more perfect.

“I opted to fish a swim known as the Island due to a large plateau in front of it around 80 yards out and with the wind hacking towards me I was optimistic.

“I opted just to cast around with a bare lead as I didn’t want to disturb the area more than necessary, and decided to place three baits in a line down the side of the plateau where it shelved off from 5ft into 15ft.

“I was fishing my ever faithful IQ D-rigs with sharpened size 6 Kurv Shank hooks, and this rig has served me well over the past few months – if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! I added a small PVA bag of pellets soaked in Almond and Pineapple Goos for some extra attraction, and a piece of dissolving foam to stop the hookbait twisting around during the cast. Once the rigs were in position I put 30 spods over the top of them, using my usual mix of chopped Formula Red boilies, corn and chick peas.

“I had to wait until the morning for my first bite at 5am from a lovely 26lb 8oz mirror, and about an hour later I added a 21lb 4oz common. There were clearly plenty of fish in the area and I resisted putting more bait out, and at 8am I had another mirror of 24lb 4oz.

“Once I’d put that back I topped the swim up with another 15 spods and didn’t have to wait long until I had a 30lb 15oz common, which really made the trip worthwhile, and then in the afternoon another common of 24lb 15oz came along.

“With five takes in less than 24 hours I was more than happy, but with a night to go I decided to bait heavily with a bucketful of bait and hoped that the fish would really get on it and I could get them into a feeding frenzy. Unfortunately on this occasion the plan wasn’t successful and the fish didn’t return, but I knew when I spodded it out that it would be all or nothing!”