Lawrence East is back with a bang at his syndicate water!

Carp of any size are welcome at this time of the year, especially if like Lawrence East, you haven’t had a chance to get out for a proper session in nearly a month!

Lawrence has been having to make do with grabbing a few hours every now and again at a local pond, so he was really looking forward to being able to spend 48 hours at his syndicate water, and it resulted in a quartet of fish, topped by a 24lb mirror.

He explained: “I arrived at first light to try and beat some of the other anglers, and as I walked into a corner peg right by the car park I spotted a fish head and shoulder, and that was enough for me to get my gear and set up.

“But I soon realised that I’d made a hasty decision – I was out of touch with where the fish were having not been done for a while – and as I sat back and put the kettle on I saw fish regularly showing a few pegs down the bank from me.

“I wound in and grabbed a bucket, but in the end I set up just off of them as there were already two anglers on the far bank who had spotted them and were casting at them, and I knew that they would move with the pressure.

“From where I was I could put one rod on them, but also target the central area of the lake where I thought they might drift off to if they did indeed move. All of rods were fished on multi-rigs, tied using size 6 Kurv Shank hooks 20lb Kamo braid, as this not only allows me to quickly put on a new hook, but it also rarely tangles so is ideal for chucking single hookbaits at showing fish.

“My hookbaits were 15mm Mainline Diamond White pop-ups which I’d had soaking in a couple of different flavours, and I trimmed them down to around 12mm, which also helped release more of the attraction. Over the top of each rod I put out two Spombs full of a mix of 10mm Cell and Hybrid boilies, along with Response pellets, all of which had been soaked in Meta Mino, and I was also adding Belachan Black Stick Mix Liquid to the Spomb before casting it out.

“Within an hour the rod that I’d cast to the showing fish produced a 15lb common, but then all went quiet. I awoke at 4am the next morning and fish were showing down to my right in the next peg, and despite it being so early I decided to move.

“The fish continued to show for the next few hours, but I had to wait until 10am before my middle rod went into meltdown, and I’d only just picked it up and started playing the fish when the left-hand rod went as well!

“Luckily there was an angler in the next peg who gave me a hand and both ended up safely in the net, but then just as we were about to do the photos my remaining rod was also away. The fish turned out to be mirrors of 24lb and 16lb, plus a 19lb common. That was the end of the action, but four carp were enough for me and it was great to be back out on the bank again,” he concluded.