Lawrence East has been catching some amazing old carp!

Few anglers catch as consistently as Lawrence East, and recently he has been having a great run, including some real crackers from his main target venue, Bleasby!

He has been catching steadily, with several over 30lb, and they have included a couple of the old originals, which are thought to be over 60 years old. One of these, known as ‘Lump on the right’ weighed in at 30lb 4oz and is one of only half-a-dozen originals left in the Nottinghamshire water!

He kicked things off at a local club water, before moving onto Bleasby for a few sessions, explaining: “With the high pressure and warm temperatures I knew the carp would start to spawn sooner rather than later, and when I arrived at my local club water on the Friday afternoon, I wasn’t surprised to find quite a few fish shoaled up in the top corner – this was 6ft deep and the majority of the lake is between 16ft and 28ft.

“After I’d set up, I had a walk round to the far margin and watched the fish for an hour or so, mapping out their patrol routes so that I could work out the best place to ambush them. I settled on three spots and baited them with chopped Cell and Activ-8 boilies, along with matching Response pellets and hemp, putting around half-a-kilo on each, and then topping it up with the same amount after every fish.

“I used my Distance Sticks to get the rods clipped up and all were fished using my faithful multi-rigs, tied with size 6 Kurv hooks and 20lb Kamo braid, and baited with white fluoro Cell pop-ups soaked in Toasted Almond and Peach Ade.

“Over the next 48 hours I managed to land 21 fish, including seven over 20lb up to 28lb, and during that time there was very little else caught. I was planning to fish a couple of overnighters on Bleasby, and despite a horrific rain storm I drove to the lake after work one evening to bait up a couple of areas with chopped boilies mixed with tigers and soaked in Mainline Tiger Nut Syrup.

“On my next session at Bleasby I landed a spawned out common of a little over 20lb, plus one of the few originals left in there, also at 20lb-plus. The following week I managed to catch another original – which I was over-the-moon with as there are only around half-a-dozen of them in there – a fish known as ‘Lump on the right’ at 30lb 4oz. I also managed a mid-double linear, which was a good way to finish before going off on holiday abroad for a week.”