Latest DTG Fishing update features new tackle & female angler

The new Dovetail Fishing carp angling game has evolved with the latest version featuring Delkim alarms and Mainline baits along with brand-new lakes, new avatars and a mix of species to keep gamers on their toes.

Launched last year, the carp fishing simulator puts the gamer in control of a dream session with options to tackle real-life lakes such as Linear’s St. Johns and Snails Lake at Digger Lakes in Devon, a recent addition in the latest update, due out this week.

Darren Nokes, Brand Manager for Dovetail Games Fishing, said: “I’m delighted that Snails Lake at the Digger Lakes complex will be featured in the game. As soon as I became aware of the venue I thought it would be an ideal lake to build.”

“It really is a unique carp lake with so many islands and bays all at close quarters giving a real intimate feel which is a perfect contrast to the large and open St. Johns Pool.”

Ben Gratwicke, director of Digger Lakes said: “Being able to have one of our lakes as a computer game is fantastic and being on board with Dovetail Games makes a winning combination.”

“Our fishery goes from strength to strength and this just gives that extra offer and allows our anglers to catch the Snails Lake fish even if it is frozen! Snail’s is not your average lake so this will add an extra appeal to the gamers out there.”

A stunning new lake specially designed for the game has also been included, inspired by a mountain lake in the Canary Islands, giving the player the option to start with the easier lakes in the UK and move up to bigger waters and fish as the game progresses.

Along with the new venues, bait and tackle, gamers can now also choose between a female and male avatar to be their angler, and they’ll have to deal with other species such as bream, tench and even monster catfish on their quest for a variety of common and mirror carp.

Updates on the user interface have also made the game more user-friendly with more options to choose bait, rigs, tackle and set-ups for avatar to use. The new options include new Mainline baits and Delkim alarms, as used by the Korda team.

Del Romang, MD & chairman of Delkim, said “We are very excited to be involved in this innovative project and hope that having Delkim on-board adds to the user experience. We look forward to working alongside Dovetail as the game develops and grows in the future.”

In the game, the player explores a virtual lake, using clues such as wind direction and showing fish, to angle for carp from single-figure stockies to European monsters. Selecting the right combination of tackle, bait and rig for the fishing situation is vital, as is finding features that hold fish and casting accurately. The super-realistic graphics make the whole experience the next best thing to really being on the bank!

Future plans include Tom Dove and Ali Hamidi avatars and new set-up options such as Stow indicators, so you can customise your set-up endlessly to match your own kit.

The game, which is available on PC, is being developed by Dovetail Games with input from the Korda team and companies such as Mainline and Delkim. Go to https://dtgfishing.com for more information.