Last gasp success for Lawrence East at Drayton!

Lawrence East’s latest session showed that even on an easier, highly stocked water you still need to get it right to catch at this time of the year!

He had decided to travel down to Drayton Reservoir for the day for a social with a couple of mates and was expecting plenty of action, even though it is winter, as the venue is renowned for producing big catches of carp.

But as it turned out, the fishing was far slower than expected and he had to wait until the last hour before packing up before he managed to get amongst them, having continually changed and tweaked his tactics throughout the session. That resulted in nine takes in an hour, with eight fish landed, including a couple around the 18lb mark – not monsters but still very welcome at this time of the year!

Lawrence revealed: “We decided to have a winter social down at the the ‘animal farm’, Drayton Reservoir, just to get our strings pulled – or so we thought!

“We arrived at the gate at first light to find that the majority of the pegs that had been producing the fish had already been taken, and in the end we had to settle for a couple of swims on the dam wall.

“Throughout the day it became apparent that the fish were shoaled up and were out of reach from where we were – it would have just been an 80 yard chuck from the Point or Boards swim, but both were taken.

“I tried all manner of different tactics, from zigs between 3ft and 9ft, to bottom baits, pop-ups and PVA bags, but all to no avail and it was clear that we weren’t on the shoal of fish. I even tried spodding regularly for two-and-a-half hours to see if I could draw them in, but this didn’t work either.

“In the end I opted to put two 6ft zigs out at around the 130-140 yard mark, which I tied using a piece of yellow foam on a size 8 Wide Gape hook to 11lb Zig Line, and just before casting out I was coating the foam in Mainline Bloodworm Stick Mix Liquid for extra attraction.

“My rods were as close to the central part of the lake as I could get them, but by 2pm the optimism was starting to fade, as neither myself nor the other 15 anglers along the dam wall had so much as a line bite!

“Then just as I started to tidy my stuff away for the long journey back up north, my right-hand rod went into meltdown, but after having the fish on for five minutes or so the hook pulled. It was as if a switch had been flicked as in the last hour of fishing I ended up with nine takes, landing eight of them.

“They all came on the long range zig approach and it was just a matter of waiting for some fish to drift into the area, but it does show that you can have the best rig and bait in the world, but even on a heavily stocked water if you aren’t on the fish then you are not going to catch them!”