Land of the Giants

Some of you may have seen Dovey and Hamidi do Thailand on this very website (if you haven’t, there’s a link on this page). Well, the venue that Tom and Ali filmed that feature on was Top Cats Fishing Resort and the Kho Samui fishery has been in touch to tell us about the latest additions to their holiday experience.
Proprietor, Shaun McNutt, has added two new VIP houseboats, which will make your stay at Top Cats even more special while you pursue the huge cats, Siamese carp and Arapaima that the venue holds. The first new boat is the Spa VIP House Boat, which is roomy, and boasts high-spec fittings, quality bedding, shower, air-con, fridge and a flatscreen TV.
The second new boat is a Private swim VIP house Boat. This has a sofa and veranda inside, from which you can watch fish jumping day and night. If you’re looking for somewhere to take the missus, then they’ll love the luxury that you’ll find at Top Cats.

Watch Ali and Tom’s film for more details about the fishing, then visit www.fishingthailand.com or email shaun@fishingthailand.com for prices and availability.