Lac de Premiere hit of big fish for Dean Macey!

Spring and autumn are my two favourite times of the year and I always try to head over to the continent during both periods to set up the Tempest and get the carp sticks out when the weather is on the change.

I normally like to try new places but over the last couple of seasons I've stuck to Lac De Premiere in Northern France for my spring trips. It's always been kind to me on the bite front but up until this trip, I seem to have done a grand job of avoiding many of the larger residents. Time, I thought, to change that stat!

I don't often get a full week at a venue these days and this was no different but five nights is long enough to really feel like you’re in with a chance of picking off one or two of the better fish. The weather was far from ideal, with cold changeable winds and heavy rain for the most part with the odd bit of clear sky, which brought with it a sudden and massive drop in temperature.

My good friend Ray Rutter and I hit the ground running on arrival with six fish in the first night to 47lb! Awesome! But, to be honest, I was hurting from a long weeks work and could have done with a good 7 hours of zzzzz's! Not that I'm complaining.

The action continued throughout the week with regular night and morning bites with some units thrown in. In total we had 13 fish each with us both notching up a 50-pounder each. All my bites came on Mainline IB wafters over crumbed Cell, Cell Response pellet, corn, Hinders hemp and Elips pellets. Rig-wise, I never complicate things home or abroard with a size 4 wide gape, 20lb N Trap Soft to a Hybrid lead clip Safe Zone leader and a 4oz distance lead.

The key to getting regular bites in tough conditions like the ones we were faced with was to fish for a bite at a time and not fill it in at the start and sit on it. Keep the swim alive with small regular top ups and they will soon be investigating the area.

My final tally looked like this: 55lb 8oz, 47lb 4oz, 44lb, 42lb 4oz, 39lb, 39lb, 37lb, 36lb 8oz, 36lb 4oz, 34lb 8oz, 32lb and 25lb. Now if that's not pig hunting at its best then I don't know what is!