Kurv Success - James Armstrong

I’ve been having a magnificent year using the Kurv’s. They really have made a difference to my angling. They’re unique shape, sharpness and strength has helped me outwit carp to over 40lb from some extremely weedy waters.
I put them through their paces on Sky Lakes in France earlier this year, during our Thinking Tackle filming. Sky is a very demanding water that requires strong, reliable tackle due to its ever increasing weed growth. Well, I caught over 10 carp and didn’t lose one, even though it was such as struggle heaving them through each weed bed. That said, the fact that I was discharging the lead on every fish helped massively too.
I’ve also been very rewarded on my English waters this year. Using a range of sizes, depending on the bait I’m using, I’ve managed plenty of thirties, topped by a lake record 39lb+ common.
My most recent catch saw me bag four in a night with the biggest going 32lb. These were all landed on boilies in conjunction with a size 6 Kurv – once these go in, they aren’t coming out.
Carp find them very hard to deal with due to their unique shape. Due to the in-turned eye and curved shank there is no need for any shrink tubing because they turn with ease. They can be used with all manner of presentations and I personally opt for a balanced bait mounted on a Muzza or KD. Give them a try ;)

Tight Lines

James Armstrong