Krush 'Em Up - Simon Scott

The long-awaited Korda Krusha is finally out there folks. No longer do you have to spend hours stinking out your kitchen, chopping boilies in your mrs' treasured food blender. No longer will you blister your fingers squeezing boilies one by one into a bucket.
Now you can chop up loads of free offerings by simply twisting your Krusha. Crush up boilies, tiger nuts, peanuts or pellets - you name it the Krusha will demolish anything you throw at it.
Designed with extra-sharp teeth to grind each bait, the Krusha will smoothly cut through anything. Simply place your required amount of bait in between the disks, where it specifies fill, and push them together.
Once you have pushed them together firmly, simply twist them rapidly. The more you twist the finer the ingredients will end up. This enables you to use chunky bits in a spod mix or extra-fine particles in a stick mix.
Before you know it, you will have a large amount of crushed-up baits that will take hardly anytime at all. Rather than preparing at home, crushing everything in a food blender, you can now do it all on the bank - minimising time and the waste of unneeded bait. Check out the product pages for more info on the magnificent Korda Krusha.