Kranks Tame fish to 120lb! Ben Eglen

We had this incredible report in from Ben Eglen recently. He traveled to Gilham's Fishing Resort, in Thailand, to target the incredible fish that it holds. He used the Kranks to tame fish to over 120lb!

“A few years ago I was asked by a good friend of mine, Mike ‘Spug’ Redfern, if I wanted to go to Thailand and fish for monsters at Gillham’s Fishing Resort. I didn’t really know what to expect, so I went on the Internet and did a bit of research. What I found was mind blowing and I was soon on the phone to Spug, saying “Yes” and along with 14 others, the resort was booked and the wheels set in motion.
Two years soon passed and in the weeks leading up to the trip I visited the local tackle shop for various bits of tackle. One of my purchases was a packet of size-two Korda Kranks, which I thought might be good for the Siamese carp. We arrived at the resort to a lovely hot day and fish lumping out everywhere, which was a bit of a sight I can tell you; seeing as there are fish in there too over 500lb.
The first day for me was all about listening to the guides at Gillham’s, as I had never fished for fish of this sort before and they know what they’re talking about. I ended up putting three different rigs out with three different baits to fish for anything, but one of the rods was for the carp and showing the guides what I had brought with me they suggested to tie a rig with the size-two Krank and fish a Mainline Pineapple Juice dumbbell pop-up, which I had also brought out with me. The pop-up balanced the hook perfectly, and I added a solid PVA bag of pellets to the rig, which was then cast to a gravel bar at about 40 yards, as advised by the guides.
Later that day I had a take on that rod and after a long battle I landed a 120lb Mekong catfish, which I was very pleased with as you can imagine. After a few days I started to get to grips with the lake and really wanted to catch some of the Siamese carp so after a few changes of swim, I eventually got in a swim I felt comfortable in and started to bait the area for the carp. The first day in the new swim I blanked but the guides just kept saying, “Keep the bait going in and they will come,” so that’s what I did and on the second day there was a lot more fizzing so I was quietly confident.
The first bite that day was another Mekong catfish of 110lb and by now all three rigs were being fished with size-two Kranks and a combination of either 14mm halibut pellet and fake corn or maze tipped with the Mainline pineapple pop-ups to balance the rig. All three rods were fished at the bottom of the marginal shelf in 14ft to 17ft of water, as that is the depth the carp like to feed in. After the Mekong, I kept regular helpings of pellet and maize going in, and after a few hours I was in again. This time a very different fight produced my first Siamese carp of 65lb, which I was very happy with. Later that same day I was in dream land when I landed a 95lb Siamese making it a day I will never forget.
The next day I just had to carry on with the same tactics. I made sure the Kranks were all good and sharp, which they were; they were coping with the big fish just fine and got the rods back on the same spots. That day produced Siamese of 70lb and 80lb; I was really enjoying it and have to say what a really good time I had and thanks to all at Gillham’s fishing resort, everyone was brilliant.”