Korda24 competition winner lands two fantastic commons!

Whenever we run a tackle giveaway competition it is always great to hear that the winner has been out on the bank putting his prize to good use, and that is definitely the case with Will Edwards.

Will landed himself a bundle of terminal tackle when he won our Korda24 £500 tackle giveaway recently, and it wasn’t long before he also had two fantastic commons on the bank from two different waters.

He revealed: “I caught a few fish after receiving the prizes from the competition and I can’t thank the guys at Korda enough.

“As soon as I finished college for the day I decided to go straight to a local club water that I’ve been fishing for the past three years. It was a Friday afternoon so the lake was quiet busy, so I decided to have a bit of a social with a few mates.

“The air pressure was through the roof and temperatures were high for the time of year, so the chances of getting a bite were looking slim, but then later in the afternoon it changed when some drizzle arrived and it suddenly looked a lot better.

“During this period of time I had a take on a rod that I was fishing on a gravel patch under a fallen tree and at first it didn’t feel overly heavy so I assumed it was one of the stockies, and it was only when I saw its tail hit the surface that I knew that it was a good one and my knees started shaking!

“It wasn’t until it was in the net that I recognised it as one of my targets that I’d been after for a good few years, the Mulberry Common at 32lb 2oz and I was absolutely buzzing. The fish came on a hinged stiff rig, tied using Mouth Trap along with N-Trap Semi-Stiff for the boom section, plus a Dark Matter Safe Zone leader.”

That was just the start of his good run though, with an even bigger common falling to his rods on his next section.

Will continued: “A couple of weeks after catching that fish I was participating in an annual charity match down south, and my run of bad luck in draws continued as I came out second to last, leaving me with an open water swim which controlled a large area between two islands.

“I was not feeling confident to say the least, but I found a gravel bar 60 yards out and I decided to bait up to it and sit on the spot for the next 48 hours, hoping that the fish would use this area at some point.

“It coincided with the first cold weather we’d had and this really knocked the fishing back, and even though I was now on my last night, one good fish could still put me in first place as not a lot was being caught.

“That night I sat with some friends watching fish bosh over my spots, so I went to sleep feeling pretty confident, but when morning arrived still nothing had happened, which left me scratching my head as to why I hadn’t caught.

“Just as my friend walked over for a cuppa I had a belting take and from the slow fight I had a feeling that it was a good fish. Once it was in the net we realised the size of it and that it would put me in first place as well as winning the biggest fish prize, as it was a common known as Cracker, the largest in the lake weighing 37lb.

“Nothing else came out after that and I won the match, having caught it on an IQ D-rig that I’d tied up using IQ2.”