Korda Triumph

The first semi final of the British Carp Angling Championships 2009, at Bradleys Lake in the Cotswolds, saw two pairs from Team Korda take part. Korda 'A' were represented by none other than Ali Hamidi and Gareth Fareham, while Korda 'B' included Neil Spooner and Garth Ethelston.
The lake is a huge expanse of water ranging some 100 odd acres and would be a daunting prospect for many. The draw was a critical moment for all involved and could be the decider of whether or not you would qualify. After a nerve wracking few moments for both budding pairs, they soon had their plot confirmed for the next three days angling. Hamidi and Fareham were drawn 10th out of the hat, but still managed to secure their 4th choice swim. Spooner and Ethelston were not so lucky, though, coming way down the draw order!
The first night passed without activity. The favoured Swim 1 had roared into an early lead, whilst two or three of the other fancied swims had yet to produce. At 10am on the Saturday morning the action began for Hamidi and Fareham who had spotted carp at extreme range. Consequently, they decided to move their rods from the nice hotspots in short to 100yrd+, with the use of solid PVA bags.
Rigs were drop off Square Pear inlines, coupled with Supernatural hook links. They then opted for size 8 Wide Gape hooks tied blow-back style (learn how to tie a blow-back rig in our dedicated Rigz section). At 11am, Hamidi was lucky to bank a nice 11lb 4oz mirror after some tricky moments as the fish picked up his other line during battle.
The rest of the day passed without event and they had to wait until 11pm when Hamidi's right hand rod cast tight to a buoy at 120yrd signalled another bite. This time a Bradley’s giant of 15lb was lying in the net! This roared them into 2nd place and all but guaranteed qualification. Fareham, not to miss out on the action, helped himself to a 12 pounder in the early hours of Sunday morning to bring the Korda boys’ tally to over 38lb!
The solid-bag tactics did the business and qualification in 2nd place was guaranteed. With a number of the British Carp Angling Championship stalwarts knocked out, including last years winners Ian Poole and John Finch, who would bet against Hamidi and Fareham making a charge for the desirable crown? Keep an eye on the site to see if they can succeed in the grand finale.