Korda social at Walthamstow produces some fantastic fish!

Team Korda descended on the Walthamstow Reservoirs complex for their annual social, resulting in some stunning old fish paying a visit to the bank.

A mixture of consultants and staff members tackled the Lower Maynard reservoir on the famous North London complex, and a variety of different tactics came into play as the anglers tackled the water in their own way, with some having fished it a lot in the past and others having never set eyes on the place before.

With the weather being warm and nothing happening in the hours following the draw for swims, some of the anglers decided that it was time to go and find some fish and try and create an opportunity, and it was no surprise that one of them was Simon Scott.

It wasn’t long before he found some in a corner of the lake, but getting a bite was harder than he had anticipated, as he explained: “I had them feeding close in but I couldn’t hook one, and it was only when I repositioned my Baitworks pop-up to a different part of the clear area that I had a bite.

“It was proper hit and hold fishing, and I just had to hang on until I was able to net a lovely dark mirror. This turned out to be a fish with only one pectoral fin, which is known to have got in through the pipe from one of the other reservoirs, and Tom Dove and John Barnes had only been talking about it that morning!”

There wasn’t much other action before dark, but the lake came alive that night for some of the anglers – mainly to those fishing closer in at the far end as the fish seemed to be staying in the weedy, snaggy margins, but Tom Dove managed to lose two during a run of bad luck at the car park end.

One of the newest Korda consultants, John Barnes, made use of his extensive knowledge of the venue to land four carp from six bites overnight, including a couple of fantastic upper-20s on a 360-rig with a Kurv Shank hook.

John revealed: “I came last out in the draw and given the choice I would have chosen the swim next door!

“I’d already had one of the known 30s spawned out at 27lb, and when my biggest fish went in the net I instantly recognised it as one that I’d been after for ages and which usually goes 32-33lb, but on this occasion it was down in weight a bit at a little under 30lb. I had it on my usual Sticky Baits Manilla boilies and corn combination.”

Next door, Pete Castle also found some night-time action with a couple of smaller fish, and Jake Wildbore had a fantastic scaly mid-20 mirror to make up for a sleepless night caused by bream and eels!

As the event started to wind down the following morning and the anglers began to pack up and head off home, a few decided that it was for a more mobile approach to try and winkle one out and save a blank.

That certainly worked for Scott Dove when he found a few fish moving up and down close in, and in quick succession he managed to bank three of them, culminating in a half linear estimated at around 24-25lb.

It was a fantastic event which everyone enjoyed, and thanks go to all those who attended and organised it, plus special mention goes to Kurt and Graham for keeping everyone well fed, and Thames Water for letting us use the venue.

The whole event was videoed and a film will appear on the Korda website in the near future, so keep an eye out for it!