Korda On TOP!

This new range of floater gear is nothing short of exceptional, and that’s no surprise considering the wealth of experience behind its development. The product development team led by Adam Penning and the team of consultants all share a love for surface fishing. It’s this passionate expertise that has helped evolve some unique and sensational products. Like everything in the Korda range, development and innovation is the key. Each product in this range really does tick every box;

Mixa hooks
The first dedicated floater fishing hook. These have been specifically designed to hook even the shyest feeding carp on the surface. With a short shank, wide gape, beaked offset point, they truly are made for the job. The final most noticeable point about these hooks, are their sharpness; hypodermic and piercing is the best possible explanation. So much so that the guys have been using them for all manner of carp fishing situations. The Mixa hook is available in barbed and barbless versions, in size 6, 8, 10 & 12. RRP £3.85

These missile shaped surface floats are not new to the carp world, this type of float casts a very long way and is ideal for creating a bolt effect on the surface. However, if you look at the numerous design additions and developments that have been implemented, you will notice just how exceptional this product is. Firstly, the nose of the Interceptor houses a size 11 ring swivel, which makes the set-up streamlined and helps to eliminate tangles. Now comes the special bit, most controller type floats are fixed to your line, thus making it difficult to quickly change the size of your float dependent on how far you need to cast. This ingenious design allows you to interchange the float simply by pulling the float off the main stem and feeding your line through the slot on the interceptor body. The perfect ratio between plastic and a pocket of air inside the injection moulded product has been taken into account, which ensures it floats the same way up every time, giving you a small orange sight bob to concentrate on. The final point proves just how much time and development has gone into this, is the colour of the Interceptor. The colour chosen was concluded after hours of underwater photography on different venues, where a consistent pantone of water was visible from below the surface, truly an exact science. Available in 4 sizes, 15g, 20g, 25g & 30g.

Now this is a unique design. The standard controller float has been around for years. Unfortunately, it isn’t the stealthiest of products. It dives into the lake on the cast often causing unnecessary disturbance. Additionally the whole set-up is often prone to tangles - an anglers nightmare. This is where the Kruiser really does excel. Firstly the float will not dive into the lake too far thus spooking your quarry. This is due to the even weight distribution in the float. Similarly to the Interceptor, this is created with a unique combination of plastic and an air cavity. These Kruisers contain no lead, but even more positively they almost totally eliminate tangles, this is due to how the line enters and exits the float. It comes in at the top of the float and exits via a small hole on the side. The size 11 ring swivel, which is attached to your hooklink and mainline, perfectly grips into the small silicone sleeve on the side of the float. This streamlined and aerodynamic design takes floater fishing to a new level. Available in 3 sizes, 10g, 15g & 20g.

Kruiser Control
The first dedicated floater fishing line. This material is perfect for use as surface fishing main line and hook link alike. Its wonderfully supple and limp giving you a natural presentation, whilst its clear colour helps to keep everything inconspicuous. Available in 150m spools, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb & 12lb.

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