Korda launches Body Wash range... stay Klean on the bank

We all know what it’s like when the fish start showing at the other end of the lake and, in a bid to stay ahead of other anglers, a quick pack-down is followed by a sprint with the barrow.

By the time you step into your new swim, you’re dripping with sweat, smelling a bit noxious and you could really do with a shower. This problem has lead many of you to ask the question: how do Team Korda manage to stay looking and smelling fresh on those long, drawn-out sessions?

It used to be a problem, but in recent months we’ve been field-testing some new products which are set to revolutionise personal hygiene out on the bank.

Korda Body Wash has been formulated for total convenience in that it doesn’t need to be rinsed off with water. You simply apply it to the required areas, and the unique water and dirt repelling molecules lift away the muck and sweat in seconds, leaving you completely invigorated and ready for action.

Danny Fairbrass stated that the new Body Wash was key to his success on the big Belgium pit this summer. “It kept me fresh in mind and body, so I felt like I was always one step ahead of the fish. Plus, energy and confidence is always important in front of the camera, and the body wash kept me sharp throughout the filming process.”

Head of Product Development, Tom Dove, spent a long time experimenting with different fragrances, but eventually settled on two for the initial launch that he knew were not only reliable, but readily available - Citrus Zing and Banoffee.

Darrell Peck spent two three-week sessions in Belgium this year, and took several bottles of the Banoffee with him. Darrell was really impressed and had this to say: “I had no access to any washing facilities for 23 days straight, so the Body Wash was an essential part of my kit. Even during those extended periods where no action came to my rods, I always felt bright and alert. I smelt good.”

Darrell also highlighted another benefit that Korda Body Wash brings to the angler - the fact that it doesn’t taint your bait. “In my fishing I’ve experimented with a lot of toiletry products over the years, but I’ve always worried that certain fragrances will transfer to my bait, and for me that’s a big no-no.

“I’ve been using the Banoffee Body Wash, and to be fair, it seems to have not only complemented the bait, but made it even better.” Darrell went on to land several huge fish, including the lakes biggest resident at over 70lbs.

You can expect to see Korda Body Wash in your local tackle shop (and some major pharmaceutical retailers) in the coming weeks. We’ll be adding some additional flavours too, so keep an eye out for IB and Fruity Squid later in the year.

Finally, there will be other exciting toiletry products being added to the range this summer, including beard wax (currently being field tested by Elliott Gray and Ben Hervey-Murray) and some handy hygienic wipes, called K-wipes.

Keep an eye on the website for launch dates, but in the meantime, stay fresh and get on the Body Wash!