Korda Holland's fantastic trip to Gigantica Road Lake!

The Korda Holland team had a fantastic time at Gigantica Road Lake, when they travelled to the popular French venue to film a chapter for the first ever Benelux Masterclass.

Kevin Diederen, Arjan Braad, Daniel Jawadnya and Christian Kebler timed their visit well, and over the space of a week Kevin and Arjan managed to land 30 fish between them, including a couple of chunks – Daniel and Christian were doing the filming. This was a great result, given that the lake produced 40 carp in total during their stay, and just shows what is possible when you get it right, even this early in the year!

Kevin revealed: “Choosing the first week of April was always a bit of a gamble, but the Road Lake carp were kind to us and it turned out brilliantly.

“Amongst the fish that we landed in front of the cameras were a couple of smaller scaly ones for me and some mint looking commons for Arjan, but the majority were mirrors around the 30lb mark, topped by fish of 22kg (48lb 8oz) and 20.5kg (45lb 3oz)!

“I fished Tea Party 2 and managed 21 takes during the week, but unfortunately lost four of them in snags. I started off fishing the shallower water, but later in the week the fish started to feed more in the slightly deeper areas of the swim, so I switched tactics.

“All of my fish came on ready-tied IQ D-rigs, with a size 4 hook, and a 3oz COG lead, with a mixture of Mainline Wafters and Fake Food hookbaits, and several different varieties of Goo, including Corn Twist. I was fishing over a mixture of whole and chopped Mainline Cell boilies, along with maize and hemp.

“Arjan started off in Bachelier’s and then moved to Tea Party 1, and managed nine bites during the session using his own version of the IQ D-rig – he shows how to tie this in the film – and that included the biggest fish of the trip.

“This chapter of the film shows why people should come and fish the Road Lake, and exactly how we managed to have such a great result whilst we were there. After watching the video, viewers will have a good idea about what to take and how to tackle the water, in order to experience a week like we had, at a lake which is available for anyone to fish.”

There are still some places available throughout 2017 – both on the Road Lake and the Main Lake – and we are already taking bookings for 2018. For full details, check out: http://www.gigantica-carp.com