Korda Duo Bank 27 Carp In Under Five Hours Off the Top!

Although the summer seems to have been a washout recently, it hasn’t stopped Korda duo Rob Willingham and Corin Ridgewell from getting out and enjoying a bit of explosive surface action!

Grabbing a few hours one evening, the lads headed to renowned Essex water, CAPS venue, Layer Pit. Armed with a mixed bucket of Hinders 11mm and 6mm floating pellets, doused with Sticky Baits Cap Oil, they set about finding some carp to target. After seeing fish show on the Cottages Bank, they soon set about feeding them. As Rob explained, showing carp on Layer can mean they’re up for surface food, “If you see carp showing on Layer, it generally means that they’re at all levels in the water column, and we figured that some would be up for a feed on the surface.”

Rob landed all his carp on size-10 Mixa hooks.

The guys fed a mixture of Hinders 6mm and 11mm floating pellets soaked in Cap Oil.

The lads started by Spombing pellets at long range, because with the wind in their faces they hoped that the bait would drift over carp at some stage. “The pellets didn’t get closer than 80 yards,” Rob told us, “Rather than drifting in, the carp were nailing them almost immediately.”

Once the carp were feeding hard, the lads deployed their rigs, which consisted of the new 30g Interceptor floats, which they were testing, 8lb Kruiser Line hook links to size-10 Mixa hooks and ultra-fine Guru Pulse-8 Braid main line in 0.12mm (which breaks at 24lb).

Over the next few hours Rob and Corin caught steadily, even banking a few rare Layer mirrors, which are highly prized as they’re probably outnumbered 15-1 by commons! Just to prove the robustness of their setups, Rob actually landed his 15 fish on just three different hooks! Corin banked 12 Layer carp, and their tally included fish to over 20lb. Not bad for a few hours fishing in the evening!