Korda crew hit Gigantica & Road Lake...

The Korda team tackled Gigantica’s Main Lake and Road Lake last week on their annual company social – and matted over 100 fish to nearly 50lb despite less-than-ideal conditions.

Rob Willingham's stunning mirror

The kingfisher kept Neil Raison company in The Tree Line

Leading the way with the big fish from the Main Lake was Tom Dove with a mirror called White Lines: “After a terrible draw, I was over the moon with nicking a fish early in the week from The Stock Pond swim! White Lines at 48lb 12oz was a massive result and one I hadn't caught before. Two tigers with a size 4 Krank on a Heli-Safe system was my rig of choice,” revealed Tom.

Account manager Carl Hoyle also tripped one of the Main Lake’s 40s with a stunning common weighing in at 45lb 8oz. Fishing Oblivion, Carl used four small tigers as hook bait to a size 6 Krank hook, 20lb Kamo and a Heli-Safe system with a 3oz flat pear lead on a Dark Matter leader and tapered Subline main line.

Ian Bailey found success at Alamo with a stunning 39lb mirror called Apple Slice. Fishing an area at 110 yards range over a mix of Chilli Active boilies and particle, Ian used a Banoffee wafter as hook bait to a size 4 Krank and 20lb Dark Matter braid.

Rob Willingham also nabbed a stunning 35b 15oz mirror from The Stink, fishing at 112 yards using running lead clips, wafters and size 4 Wide Gape X hooks. Danny Fairbrass, Neil Raison and Paul Harris got amongst some of the lake’s smaller residents with 20-pounders mostly falling to wafter and nut hook baits.

A baking hot start to the week and cooler temperatures later on meant that the fish never really got their heads down and a few lost fish were frustrating but overall most caught and the fish were all in perfect condition and testament to the management of the fishery.

Meanwhile, on the adjoining Road Lake, the rest of the Korda team were busy putting together some nice hits with Gareth Radley leading the way with 21 fish to 37lb 4oz falling to his rods over the week. Using a mixture of Chilli Active and Banoffee wafters, Gareth tackled Decoy for 28 bites with most fishing falling to a heavily baited spot at 22 rod lengths towards the big tree in the corner. Size 4 Krank hooks and short Hybrid Stiff hook links was Gareth’s successful set-up.

Tim Gray landed the biggest fish of the week from the Road Lake with a 42lb 6oz common from Turtles on a IG2 fluorocarbon D-rig and wafter combination, again over a decent amount of Chilli Active bait.

Rhys Kennington landed two of the better fish in the shape of a 36lb mirror and 39lb common plus a number of doubles and 20s from Brambles on a mixture of wafters and bottom baits whilst Korda Europe’s Sebastian Lendzian managed a 36lb mirror and nine others from Billy’s.

Ben Hervey-Murray racked up a series of 20s and doubles from Dunkirk for a 12-fish total on wafters and Krank D-rigs whilst Adam Chapman upped his PB with a 33lb 4oz mirror from Tea Party 1.

In-between the action, the team also managed some serious games of poker and enjoyed the excellent hospitality from the bailiffs Buzz, Adam and Steve – the whole Korda crew would like to extend their thanks to the bailiffs and Danny for letting them all fish for the week and enjoy the amazing sport that Gigantica has to offer.

Roll on next year!

There are spaces available on both lakes in the coming months, call 01268 820440 for more details, you can also go to www.gigantica-carp.com for further information.

Gareth Radley's essential Road Lake tackle and bait

Sunset on the Main Lake