Korda collaborate with JAG to set new standards in rod support!

The Singlez System is in shops from today!

If there’s been a more eagerly awaited launch than this, we can’t remember it! For those of you who’ve been on another planet for the last few months, Singlez is a new concept in rod support that’s set to become legend.

Our buzz bars come in four widths, so you can splay your tips wide, or not at all!

A fan of two-rod setups? No problems, you're covered too! Build your system from scratch, for life.

Singlez is the brainchild of Danny Fairbrass, and the system has been in development for upwards of six years! Ever since Dan, who is a self-confessed tackle tart, had a prototype set made up at great expense its slick looks have been causing a stir on the bank. It’s easy to see why. Singlez harnesses the striking symmetry of single banksticks, and takes out the hassle of getting them set up straight!

Once Dan’s idea had started to gain momentum, the search for a suitable manufacturer started. Despite having numerous samples made, Dan was unable to find an engineer that could make a set of Singlez that matched his extremely high expectations. That was until JAG entered the frame. The renowned stainless wizard already had a range of peerless stainless bankware, so it seemed logical that it would be the outfit to craft the Singlez system for us. As expected, the results have been spectacular, and you’ll be able to judge them for yourselves this week, at your local Korda stockist!

Damian Clarke, who led the development of the system was understandably pleased with the result: “JAG’s reputation for unrivalled quality and attention to detail is well known and they’ve done an amazing job in realising Dan's vision for a perfect rod support system. All of the Singlez components are made using high-grade 316 marine-grade stainless steel, precision turned and assembled, made to last a lifetime”.

That robust reliability was essential if Singlez were to make the grade as a modern classic and Dan went to great lengths to emphasise that once purchased, Singlez will last a lifetime! Each part of the Singlez system is built to last, and it’s all completely interchangeable, so you can build your system to be as adaptable as you can, at your own pace! Add Stage Stands if you’re faced with wooden platforms, a dig bar for hard ground or a ground spike extension for extra soft ground – the permutations allow for one of the most versatile systems out there!

Singlez is out THIS WEEK at your local Korda stockist or from https://www.korda24.com HURRY THOUGH, as stocks are limited on this first wave!

If your lake has soft ground, you may need the Ground Spike Extension, to make the setup even more solid!