Korda clothing range raises money for kids cancer charity!

Being diagnosed with skin cancer was a real wake-up call for Korda boss Danny Fairbrass, and he wanted to do something to both raise awareness amongst anglers and also to bring in some much-needed cash for a charity.

This sparked the launch of our Kool clothing range to try and help protect anglers from the potentially harmful effects of the sun’s rays, and with Danny wanting to give something to those who help others, he decided to donate all of the profits from sales to the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund.

Initially the Kool Quick-Dry range consisted of a long sleeve T-shirt and a snood, and it was decided that the profit from these items would go to Lennox, and we are delighted to announce that sales have gone so well that we have already been able to donate £7,706.72 to the charity, and with more to follow as the products are going to continue to be popular.

Not only will buying one of these products help raise funds for a children’s charity, but it will also help to protect you from the sun whilst you are out on the bank, because as anglers we are in general far less aware of the dangers than we should be, given how much time we spend outdoors.

Ever since the launch we have been busy trying to raise awareness of the dangers of skin cancer, and this included the Korda Carp Academy where Danny gave a talk on this subject to the kids and parents, and we also provided every student with a long sleeve T-shirt and snood – one of the criteria for graduating from the Academy was avoiding getting sun burn, and it really made the kids think about it as they all wanted to pass!

Danny, who was diagnosed with skin cancer in January 2017 following the removal of a mole and eventually given the all-clear after an operation, is now keen to warn of the dangers of sunburn, explaining: “The awareness is the most important part of it and there has been a lot of chatter about it as it is a very emotive subject, and I didn’t realise just how many anglers have been affected by skin cancer. If I can stop one person from ending up with skin cancer then it’s been worth doing.

“People have asked why we didn’t go to Cancer Research, but everybody does that and there are millions pumped into it. This might generate tens of thousands eventually and I wanted it to go somewhere where they are going to feel the difference, so I chose Lennox.

Becky Dimond, from Lennox, enthused: “We are a small charity and we rely heavily on people like Danny to raise money to help us provide financial and practical support to families of children diagnosed with cancer. We would like to express our enormous gratitude.”

The long sleeve T-shirt is made from ultra-breathable material and is perfect for fishing during the warmer months – a short sleeve version is also available, but only profit from the long sleeve goes to the charity. The snood is lightweight and comes in olive green, with one size fitting all.

The long sleeve T-shirts retail at £29.99, and £9.99 for the snood, and both are available from Korda stockists, or via https://www.korda24.com