Korda Carp Academy success!

Young carp angler Josh Virgo was partnered with Korda's Dave Finn during last summer's Carp Academy, and he recently met up with Dave again for a session. Here's how the pair got on this time round:

Last July I was lucky enough to attend the Korda Carp Academy and was tutored by Dave Finn, the whole experience has really enhanced my angling and I’ve stayed in contact with Dave ever since.

So I jumped at the opportunity when Dave offered the chance for me and my dad to go fishing with him at an exclusive Lea Valley syndicate that also has links with Embryo. We arrived early on the Saturday to find Dave already there in the prime swim.

I quickly wrapped the rods up to 11.5 wraps and dispatched three blowback rigs, like those that Dave had shown me at the Academy, over to a prominent far marginal bush. After I spodded a bucket of Mainline Cell, hemp, pellet and corn mix out we sat back and Dave showed me a few more tips that he felt could enhance my angling.

It didn't take long for me to get my first bite and soon we were weighing and photographing a lovely 14lb 10oz Lea Valley common. The action came steadily throughout the day and I had another four fish along with some dreaded bream!

Rig-wise, I chose to fish with what Dave had shown me at carp academy; a size 6 Wide Gape fished blowback-style onto 10 inches of Kamo coated hook length.

All in all I had a great trip and learnt loads more that I can apply to my fishing this year and beyond. I'd like to thank Dave for his time and hope to win the BYCAC this year as Dave had said that, if I do, me and dad have got to take him for a curry!