Korda-backed Dovetail Games Euro Fishing launches this week!

The long-awaited Dovetail Games Euro Fishing launches this week and it’s set to be the most realistic angling game ever, thanks to close involvement from the Korda team, Mainline and Delkim throughout its development.

Offering the player the chance to tackle famous venues such as Linear’s St. Johns and Digger Lakes plus a very special European venue and several other lakes, the game puts you in the angler’s shoes as you build up experience and obtain more advanced tackle and bait, helping the player land ever larger and more spectacular carp.

Using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine to make Euro Fishing look and feel as realistic as possible, the game launches on the PC-based Steam platform this week for a special reduced price of £15.99.

Darren Nokes, Dovetail Games brand manager, explained: “Dovetail Games Euro Fishing is the most advanced and authentic, forward thinking fishing game ever made. From the beginning of the process we wanted to work with an innovative and forward thinking industry leader to help us develop our game and the natural choice was Korda.”

“Korda’s products and expert knowledge is second to none but just as important, everyone has been friendly, helpful and approachable and their help through the development process has been invaluable. With their input, including Tom Dove appearing in our live action trailer, we are very proud of the game that we have released.”

One of the first games developed using Unreal Engine 4®, Dovetail Games Euro Fishing offers the ultimate European fishing experience, featuring a variety of locations, fish types, fishing techniques and equipment synonymous with European fishing. True to the real sport, social competition is central to the experience, with players being able to share their prized catches with their friends and go head to head online.

The game also features fully licensed content and equipment from world-leading manufacturers including Korda, Delkim, Mainline and Sonik Sports. In addition, Simon Scott, the UK’s leading fish behaviour expert, has provided advice and guidance to help ensure the game delivers a completely authentic fishing experience.

The response to the game from the fishing press has been overwhelmingly positive, with Total Carp Magazine calling it “Outstanding; a new generation of game bringing realistic carp fishing to anglers of all ages.” Angling Times described it as “...the most realistic fishing game ever. Amazing!” Crafty Carper Magazine said, “You can see the game is well thought out, not just on the gameplay front, but it's the added touches that really make it; the fish movement, choice of tackle, available lakes and background sounds. It's just so right.”

The game was originally published on Steam Early Access in November 2014, going through seven distinct development phases and benefiting from ongoing feedback from players throughout.

“We’re delighted to be bringing Dovetail Games Euro Fishing to the fans that have followed its progress from the outset, as well as to many more new players,” said Darren Potter, Development Director for the game, who formerly worked on the eagerly anticipated Just Cause 3 and the Harry Potter videogame series. “Our physics-based Total Cast Control system has allowed us to create authentic casting and reeling, and we feel certain we’ve captured the fun, excitement and competitiveness of fishing with our multiplayer tournaments. We will be operating a ‘live’ service while we continue to develop additional experiences, new content and licenses to broaden Euro Fishing’s features. This will start with the addition of float fishing and more ‘boss fish’ shortly after launch. We’re very confident everyone will enjoy Dovetail Games Euro Fishing.”

Dovetail Games Euro Fishing is initially available on Steam, with Mac and Linux versions following later in 2015. Additional versions for Windows 10 and Xbox One will launch early 2016.

For the latest news and developments, please visit dtgfishing.com or to take advantage of the special offer, which saves 20% off the usual price of £19.99, click on this link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/314520/