Korda At Gigantica - Part Two

Here’s part two of our report from the Korda week at Gigantica!

Following on from the capture of the Immaculate Common, the Korda Trip at Gigantica was in full flow and there was still plenty of time for another whacker or two to face the cameras.

Darrell Peck continued as he started, getting regular action through the day and night. Constantly trickling the Hybrid into Co’s Point kept the fish visiting his spots regularly and for longer periods. This brought him great success through the week with the undoubted highlight being the incredible Galaxy spawned out at a staggering 63lb 12oz.

Jon Mann had a steady week, picking fish off close in, angling to his right in The Stink, but his moment was yet to come. Out of the blue, Jon yelped out that he had one, followed by a completely unexpected shout of “It’s the Immaculate Common!!” surely not? After four years uncaught? Sure enough, it was the impressive common that graced the bank again. It’s not uncommon for an elusive fish to slip up twice in quick succession. One thing is for sure – the fish are clearly hungry.

Tom Burns (E.T) was waiting patiently in Big Girls, unfortunately the fish didn’t visit the normally prolific corner. However, Tom managed to winkle out a stunning 23lb common. Resting the swim and trickling the bait in definitely made the difference for this capture. Lee Bell, who was set up in the dominant Alamo swim, caught a mid-twenty close in on his left margin. Then it was clear the fish moved out long, so he opted to fish the long spot at 120 yards. This then produced rest of his action through the week, the biggest being the elusive Lee’s Common at 40lb. Amazingly, there have now been several capture of this bar of gold by anglers called Lee!

Big Southerly was home to the boss, Mr. Fairbrass. It started off slow, but he kept the bait going in little and often, which brought the fish in. In the end, he managed to angle out three, the biggest being 234 at 46lb 12oz.

Last but certainly not least was Andy, hidden in the Tree Line swim. It wasn’t an area that proved productive over the week and seemed to be a struggle. Obviously, this wasn’t any normal session, so the lads weren’t angling all the time. It was a pretty social trip, so the lads spent a lot of the time with rods out the water, walking around. However, on the final morning a shout went out and Andy had his reward. It was a scaly mirror that weighed in at 37lb 4oz, and is normally a comfortable 40lb but was well spawned out on this occasion.

Overall it was a week to remember for the whole team, with lots of carp and memories. Gigantica is a truly magnificent place and one to not be ignored.

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