Korda Abroad - Jon Mann

Well, we’ve just had our annual trip to France, a week where a great time is had, personal bests are broken and everyone enjoys themselves.
For those of you who have never been to Gigantica it’s 35 acres in size and the water is the most surreal turquoise blue in colour. Although Gigantica is not an easy water there it has a certain charm and relaxed vibe about the place. Dan Turtle is the main man on the complex who takes on the role of head bailiff and Mother Goose, perfectly providing good food and great advice all tied up with an off-the-wall sense of humour.
There were nine of us in total, spread round the lake with a total of 36 carp getting caught from every swim, bar one.
Damian came out first in the draw and chose Co’s point. After a day or so he started to get the area rocking and by the end of the week his consistent hard work really paid off. His final tally ran well into double figures and was topped of by a stunning carp known as Cluster, at 57lb.
Second out the draw was Bell who pitched up in Alcatraz for the week. He managed a total of four carp for the week, the biggest being Pips at a top weight of 47lb.
Ian ‘Tel’ Bailey was next in line and fished hard and well in Oblivion. Despite suffering from a touch of sunstroke early in the week Ian caught well and although he did not get among the giants, he caught from the off and banked a total of five carp.
Keith ‘The Beast of Bodrum Moor’ was fourth and chose the Beach. Keith likes to do things at his own pace and the relaxed sounding swim clearly appealed.
He didn’t do too much relaxing though and through keeping a keen eye on where the carp were and consistent baiting Keith managed to bank two carp both well in excess of 40lb the biggest being 45lb. It could be fair to describe them as units!
The charismatic silver fox that is Clive Gibbins was fifth in line and opted to fish The Alamo. Although it was a tough weeks angling Clive fished on and his persistence paid off with a low twenty on the final night. The consistent rustling of the digestive pack may have kept the carp at bay!
Sixth out was the boss man Mr Fairbrass who, even after moving swims and spending the first few nights awake trying determine what ‘his’ carp were up to, unfortunately ended the week on a blank. It goes to prove that this mighty lake can trip up the best of anglers!
The ‘Stink’ was the seventh swim out and was soon home to Andy Reynolds who, rather cunningly, had chosen to fish tiger nuts along side his Cell boilies. A good choice it was too. Andy banked a total of six carp to mid thirties - a good week’s angling by any standards.
I was last but one out of the draw and opted for a swim known as the Treeline. I spent many hours in that tree line, in all the various rat runs, and saw a total of one carp in there all week. Having said that, the wind and my fortunes did change during the week and I managed one of the jewels in Gigantica’s crown, the stunning (and long) Fred at just over 40lb.
Finally, we have Al ‘The Colonel’ Perry who started the week well with a chunky 37lb mirror. Alas, the going got steadily tougher for The Colonel and despite fishing well and changing things where he needed, he did not manage to top his initial good start. The awesome and unstoppable Mainline Cell did the damage for all the anglers on the lake; this bait just gets better. A fantastic time was had by all and I would like to thank both The Colonel and Petal for driving back and forth on the eight-hour journeys.

Jon Mann.

visit www.gigantica-carp.com for more details on this unique fishery.