KONTOUR Fluorocarbon main line now available in 15lb & 18lb!

Korda Europe’s Kevin Diederen is a big fan of our fluorocarbon main line – Kontour. Here’s an insight into why and how he uses this, nearly, invisible main line to give him an edge.

“Strangely, there is a rather large group of anglers that hardly think about their choice of mainline. With this thin line being the most important connection to the lakebed this is something I find hard to understand… and I’m not just talking about being connected to the fish either. Feeling the lead down, having good indication and getting, that all important, perfect line lay are influenced by the choice of line to put on your reels.

Even though I could ‘get away with’ normal monofilament main line for most of my fishing I really love the sets of spares spools I’ve filled with fluorocarbon. When I can get away with using the super-fast sinking Kontour, it’s my first choice. Fluorocarbon lines are a lot heavier than regular monofilament mainlines and this helps a lot with sinking the line down. Even with crosswinds and undertow you can see and feel Kontour going down and hugging the lakebed…fast. When I am on a venue that gets a large amount of angling pressure, I don’t have to think twice about the huge benefit using Kontour gives me.

The light refractive index of fluorocarbon is close to water and this obviously helps in a fishing situation. To maintain a nearly invisible line it is however recommended to regularly reel in your line through a damp cloth or sponge to keep it clean. TIP: Use a set of distance sticks and do this whilst wrapping up to ensure your line stays clean.

For those anglers that want to fish accurately Kontour has another big benefit… very low stretch. The benefit of a low amount of stretch is that it helps when feeling for a drop. If you cast out and hit the clip or feather it down your lead will sink on a tight line. With your rod tip up you can now feel if your rig is landing on a hard of soft lakebed. This gives you a great insight and confidence into what you’re fishing over on your chosen spot.

Do those pros come without any cons? Honestly… Yes! Fluorocarbon takes some extra care and attention whilst using it. The line is less supple and harder than normal monofilament lines. This reduces the casting distance and can increase the chance of line twist. This sometimes becomes apparent when you’ve played a lot of fish on the clutch of your reels, you can see the line becoming curly and twisted. The backwind technique when playing a fish can negate this issue quite easily. Alternatively, simply walking out the line over a distance and reeling it in without any rig or lead attached will begin to un-twist the line. If you clean the line at the same time you’ll dramatically improve its lifespan, it’s not uncommon to get several seasons from the same line.

Money saving expert! Kontour is only sold on spools of 200 meters. As the line is mostly suited for short to medium range fishing this will be sufficient to fill up your reels. Shallow spools or simply leaving your old-line underneath it as backing helps making sure you’re not wasting money on line which never gets used. And with fluorocarbon being a little more expensive that is great news for those on a budget.”

Available now from your local Korda stockist: RRP: £19.99 per 200 metre spool
Diameter: 15lb is 0.35mm and 18lb is 0.37mm