King of the lake!

After 10 years of family banter, Rob finally smashes his dad’s French p.b Rob explains;

“2 years ago, I was given the opportunity to fish a lake which is far from your average commercial French carp fishery, with a handful of monsters and plenty of back up 50s & 40s it really is a special lake. 

“To cut a long story short the first year went very well I ended up with 35 fish for the week with the biggest tipping the scales at 59lb 4oz followed by 15 over 40lbs but there was a lot learnt in that week, bait and tackle preparation was definitely key if given the opportunity to have another go.

“Two years later and I’m back in the tunnel heading into France in search of that monster! The draw was done a week prior to leaving and my luck was in, I drew the same swim as previous which I was more than happy with.

“Being one of the more productive areas of the lake I was ticking every box on the preparation list, now it’s not a secret lake by any means but it’s one of them the less people that know the better, so sorry if I don’t give too much away.

“It’s a fairly deep all over 16-20 feet so bait choice and application really is the key to pulling these fish down onto your spots, attraction being the main factor! Sticky baits Krill boilies heavily glugged in tuna liquid, bloodworm pellets and hemp. I like to add at the last minute a dusting of krill powder to draw fish down from the layers.
“Rig choice I wasn’t going to change much from the previous trip apart from my hook pattern, when abroad I only use one rig the IQ D-Rig in my mind its bullet proof! I normally use a size 4 Krank and 15lb IQ2.

“Wanting to fish a stiffer material I opted for a size 2 Kurv shank and 20lb IQ2 it does look a bit of a mouthful but with a snowman bait presentation wafting over the top there’s really no hook to be seen once on the deck.
“Let’s get into some fishing, the first night couldn't have gone much better and a very nice welcome back, 6 fish landed up to 59lb 6oz and what a bulldozer of a fish. Nailed on the size2!

“Over the next few days I was catching steadily plenty of 30s and 40s in immaculate autumnal colours. but with the weather being pretty stagnant and no real change on the forecast it never felt like one of the big girls would slip up. 

“On the Friday night, just before dark in the distance the clouds looked dark and we soon had rain battering down on the Bivvy, the pressure dropped some 10 points in the space of a few hours. It felt good but oddly enough it didn’t spur them on like I’d hoped in fact my usual 8-11pm bite time flew past with nothing.
“Around 5am the next morning my right-hand rod was away and with it still drizzling I was reluctant to sit out in it battling a carp so I crouched down in the front of the bivvy and played the fish from there, it didn't feel like anything special the whole way in just like a dog on a lead.

“My leader knot twanged through my tip eye so it was time to get wet from the heavens and see what I had on the end, the water is fairly clear and visibility is good up to 5ft and with my head torch on to steer the fish around my other lines.

“The net was in place and a serious carp was heading towards the cord it was all going very straight forward until I either touched the fish with the net or it spooked off the head torch but it turned with an almighty deep surge.

“Leaving a wake in the water id never witnessed before, it was clear this was one of better ones! A few moments passed and with all sorts running through my mind mainly please don’t fall off I had a second chance of netting it.

“Thankfully this time I had a monstrous shape sulking in the mesh of my net, I’ve seen a few big fish on the bank from trips gone by but this was a different level! Every trip I go on with my dad he always says to me you’ve still got to beat my p.b of 63lb 12oz.

“Set some 10 years ago and I always reply I’ll beat you this time just wait for that phone call,
once on the scales It went past 60lb so quick I could barely keep up with it and settled at a staggering 78.2 the king of the lake was mine! 

“An hour later my good friend Jack who was fishing opposite won the battle with another huge fish of 71lb.6oz, being witness to both fish really was a special morning and one I will never forget. My dad got that phone call he’s been waiting for all these years!