King Arfur - Ben Connolly

Ben Connolly finished his time on the water that he calls “His favourite ever lake,” by catching its most elusive resident, Arfur Tail.
Arfur fell to Ben’s rods during a 72-hour September session in the Curly. The take came just before first light, from a close-in spot. Ben’s bobbin pulled up tight and as he reeled in slack line, he thought that a tench was the most likely culprit. The 4oz Flat Pear Inline lead had dropped away and when Ben finally made contact with the fish it was in his own margins. What was clearly now a carp exploded on the surface before chugging around under the rod tip for a time. When Ben was able to coax it into the net he could see that it was Arfur. The old mirror was carefully weighed at 40lb 9oz. This fish completed what Ben rightly called, “The season of a lifetime.” For the full story and to see Ben’s rig tied step-by-step, get hold of this week’s Angling Times.