Kevin Horton ended a run of blanks by switching venue

After a bit of a blank spell, Kevin Horton decided to fish a different lake on the same complex, and it paid off when he landed three fish!

Kevin headed down to the Oxford Linear Fisheries Guys Lakes syndicate complex, but with his usual choice of lake fishing very slowly, he decided to set up on Yeomans Lake instead, where he stood more chance of some action, and although he didn’t catch any monsters, he was still pleased to get some action from a few fish up to low twenties.

He revealed: “I arrived just before dark and quickly headed over to where my mate was already fishing. He mentioned that he’d seen a few fish near to the island, so I decided to drop into one of the island swims.

“By then it was fairly late so I just flicked out three singles to the island, but at 1am I was awoken by a take on the left-hand rod, and after a very short fight I slipped the net under a small one of about 13 or 14lb.

“The next morning I decided to have more of a planned attack, so I got the marker rod out and cast tight to the island, just off of some overhanging branches, and found it to be around 6ft deep, but then it dropped off into 11-12ft if I came back three rod lengths.

“I decided to fish a rod length off the tree line, where it was 7-8ft deep, and hopefully ambush a few that were patrolling round the island, but in slightly deeper water. I baited the area with around 1.5kg of Bait-Tech Superseed hemp, Scopex corn and 10mm Triple-N boilies.

“I knew there would be some rubbish on the lake bed, plus the nearby trees could be a problem, so I was fishing with the new Hybrid Lead Clip QC to get rid of the lead if the fish got into the overhanging branches.

“I was using my version of the ‘spinner rig’, which I tie with a Longshank hook – I’m a big fan of this pattern and really think that they give a great hook-hold, plus they are extremely strong. These were baited with trimmed down Triple-N pop-ups tied onto a micro ring swivel and tipped with a piece of artificial corn so that they matched the mix that I was feeding.

“It didn’t take long to get my first take, as around 1.30pm the right-hand bobbin slammed up to the blank, and due to the fact that the clutch was tight I could see that it was up on the surface. As I lifted into the fish I felt it was pretty powerful, and if it had dropped off I would have thought that it was a much bigger fish, but after a dogged fight I finally managed to net a lovely mirror of 20lb 13oz.

“I wrapped the rod back up and got it back out, followed by another half-a-dozen Spombs of bait. Due to all the thrashing around, I’m pretty sure that it cleared the area of any other fish and I had no more action that day, and the night passed with only a savage wind to set my alarms off!

“The following morning at around 6.30am, whilst I was making my coffee, the middle rod roared into action and I was rewarded with a pretty 19lb 3oz mirror. Like with my previous capture, this seemed to clear the area of fish, and it was soon time to head home.”