Kevin Horton beats the cold for some great winter catches!

Kevin Horton knows the importance of choosing a winter venue that allows you to make the most of your available time, and has been enjoying some decent action as a result, including this cracking linear mirror of 29lb.

He opted for a local day ticket venue in Shropshire – Blackthorn Fishery - which has previous form for producing fish during the colder months and is also home to a few big ‘uns, and since starting his campaign on there he has landed a number of others to mid-20s, as well as the linear.

Kevin explained: “With winter well and truly set in it can be tricky to catch if you don’t choose the right venue, and then stick with it for the duration of the colder months.

“I spend a lot of my time fish a lake down in Oxforshire, but due to being busy with work I was struggling to have the time to do the 250 mile round trip, so I decided to pick somewhere more local this winter.

“The lake I chose is a pretty fishery called Blackthorn, which is about three or four aces in size and only 30 minutes from my house. The lake is shaped like a four-leaf clover, with an island in each ‘leaf’ and I know that the fish still move around in there even during the winter, so I decided to concentrate on the central part of the lake, knowing that eventually they will come across my bait.

“My baiting strategy during the winter is always as simple as possible and I like to give myself a few different hookbait options if needed. So I’ve been feeding the area with a mixture of Bait-Tech Triple-N boilies, Scopex corn and just a few dead maggots.

“I wasn’t going mad with the bait and would normally start with six to eight Spombs on an area and then fish all three rods on it, just a yard or so apart, and then feel my way into the session depending on what happened, and straight away it started working for me.

“I also keep my presentation fairly simple, with helicopter set-ups fished with pop-up rigs tied using 5-6 in. of coated braid with a size 6 Wide Gape hook, which I like as they are super-sharp and I mount a micro ring swivel on that, which I attach my hookbait to. Normally I like to match my hookbaits to my loosefeed and have been catching on Triple-N pop-ups, but on some trips I found that white or washed-out pink produced the results on the day.

“Things have been going to plan so far and I’ve been catching anywhere between one and five fish per session, and for me that is what fishing is all about at this time of the year. If the bites keep on coming then I am expecting that one of the big girls will slip up sooner or later,” he predicted.