Keswalls Angling duo enjoy a big hit at Lake Serene!

Mike Clarkson and George Wright had a fantastic session at Lake Serene, in France, sharing a 22 fish catch between them, including a monstrous 88lb common!

The Keswalls Angling sponsored duo returned to the venue for their second visit, and both ended up landing new personal bests, with the big ‘un falling to George, and Mike banking a 57lb 6oz common as well!

Mike revealed: “It’s a great venue and once the owners get to know you they will let you book the same week the following year when you leave, which is what we did.

“I’ve never been to France before for a week and caught on the Saturday, as usually I’m knackered after the journey and pretty much give it a ‘pub chuck’ for the first night! But this time we did it properly and got all the rods sorted out exactly how we wanted them.

“We were fishing across to the far bank at about 120 yards range, and due to the way the margins sloped off steeply and there being overhanging trees, you needed to get your rig right under there. To start with we were using a baitboat, but then that broke down and we had to row them out for the rest of the week!

“Doing that paid off, as soon after getting the rods out I had two 30s within the space of an hour, with mirrors of 36lb 6oz and 33lb.

“On the Sunday I only had one fish but it was worth waiting for as it was a 57lb 6oz common and new personal best, which I then followed up with another 36lb 6oz mirror during the early hours of the next morning.

“George was yet to get a bite, and when he did it turned out to be the same fish that he’d caught last year, which was his only one of the trip, and it weighed 25lb 5oz!

“Later that day he hooked another fish and didn’t really know how big it was as they all fought really hard, and even though the swim we were sharing was a double it was still quite tight and most of our fish were in and out of the other lines.

“This fish did the same and it was only when it got quite close to us that I got a look at it, as I had my polaroids on and could see that it was quite a big one, but didn’t realise just how big!

“There was a bit of a weedbed in front of us close in, so one of us was wading out with the net as the other walked backwards with the rod, and this meant that George didn’t get to see the fish until I had it in the net and he walked down for a look. He is usually really calm and nothing phases him, but when he saw the size of it he went white!

“The rest of the trip went really well, with George adding two fifties, and we also had seven others over 40lb between us.

“Over the week we went through around 130kg of bait, made up of hemp and pellets plus some new boilies from Bait Monkey that we have been involved with testing.”